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Hiruscar® Post Acne

I know my face used to have a lot of pimple and I always do extraction but the weird thing is that my post acne scar are mostly gone. Here is my secret, the one skincare product I will never skip on my daily regime: Before this is even release I was using the Hiruscar (the one in yellow and blue tube, as seen on my previous blog post ) which was formulated for all scar types and for normal skin, however Hiruscar Post Acne (new) is more on targeting pimple scar therefore I choose to do a switch. My Review I have been a user of Hiruscar Post Acne ever since it release, it has become my routine to apply it at least once a day after my moisturizer, I will never ever ever skip it. I like that this product is in a gel base which aid in faster absorption and also suitable for oily and acne-prone skin, it help to diminish my acne scare in the fastest time possible. In it's small packaging it is very convenient for me to bring around when travelling. Read more on for before and