10 things to do during holidays

Make every holiday better than the previous one.
Yay yay yay, my upcoming holiday would be on September and I can't wait!
Here are a list of things I would usually spend my holiday on,
because long term-break is the opportunity to accomplish stuffs I don't have time for during school days.
Of course I will keep myself occupied la, I don't wanna waste my time man.

1. Travel with friend

I am sure this is the very first thing that comes into every student mind even before the term break is near.

Create a travel bucket list e.g.:
  • Go to Hong Kong Disneyland
  • Visit the Great Wall of China
  • Go on a Road Trip to Malaysia
  • See the Sakura at Japan
  • Food spree at Taiwan
I think as a student we should try something new and enjoy while we can, not wait till we are old and regret not doing things that we can while we are young.

2. Pick up a new sport

I am a actually a very person lazy person. But ever since I signed up for a gym membership I would visit the gym at least once a week because I don't want to waste my money. They have many different classes to offer, so far I have only done Yoga and Muay Thai.

Here are few reason to do sport:
  • Able to learn new skills
  • Get to exercise at the same time
  • Helps me to keep in shape
  • Mostly importantly I had fun
Yup, so get a friend and do it together. The more the merrier.

Picked up something that you are always keen in but haven't have the time to pick-up, otherwise do something that you are already good in but haven't had the time to practice.

3. Pick up the phone

Alone? Call up your friends man, you really need a catch up with them, especially those whom always hang out with their boy/girl-friend!

As we grow older we tend to neglect our childhood friends due to our personal commitment, during this period of time while you have time to spare it's time to meet them up for a outing, otherwise just call them for a chat and ask how's life over the the phone, ya that would be great.

Unless you want to disappear from their world forever...

4. Pamper yourself

Hehehehe, this is what I love to do the most during holidays. Here are few suggestion:
  • Treat yourself to spa
  • Get your nails done
  • Change a new hairstyle
  • Go for beauty treatment
Because we are too busy any other day, so here's the chance. In case there is any downtime, at least you will still be able to look good when school re-opens.

5. Party!

Looking good? Feeling good? It's time to flaunt them.

Who cares about waking up early on Thursday when it's holiday. Most or maybe I should say all party spot in Singapore are giving free entries to club for ladies on Wednesday, so.. get your girls and dance the night away.

Also try to spot me around Circular Road or Club Street during the weekends, I may buy you a drink ;)

Most importantly is that you look after each other, leave no one behind and enjoy. 

6. Stay cation

I know that many would not want to splurge on hotel in Singapore. I myself have not been on a stay cation too because I AM ALREADY IN SINGAPORE and I have a house to stay so why?!
  • Going back to the same place after a night of partying and waking up together is the best feeling ever, especially during ZoukOut period.
  • Spending your holiday in Singapore would be a great idea if you don't have the time to go aboard.
  • There are actually a few boutique hotel in Singapore with interesting theme that you should check out, it will surely be Instagram worthy.
  • Some hotel also offers mid-night movie screening along the pool, I would wish to experience that.
  • A hotel far away from the city with a breath taking view is definitely a stress reliever
I would go for a stay-cation soon and do some review of the hotel if possible. There are actually quite a numbers of cheap deal in Singapore.

7. Part time jobs singapore

Consider a taking up part time jobs in singapore if:

  • You have many unoccupied time (don't waste your days by sleeping at home!)
  • You do not have sufficient money to go out with friends (that's a really sad thing)
  • You need extra support in finance side (save up some pay, it will come in handy)

There are actually plenty choices of part time jobs for students which require low commitment, yup so take this as a consideration.

8. Internship singapore

Internship is a must for every student. Don't look at the money, look at the experiences you will acquire.

Nowadays companies always seek for employee with minimum experience to join their company, so.. where does the minimum experience come from? That's where internship comes in.

Actually there are quite a numbers of internships in singapore and they welcome students with no experiences at all.

Even for the graduates, singapore internship is a great start to their career path.

At the same time you can take up a job that is different from what you are studying, from there you will be able to find what you are really passionate about, not harm trying new things yea.

Best of all you will have the opportunity to expand your network which will be in great help someday.

9. Create a Startup

Think you've got all the knowledge, resources and money? Have the drive to be an entrepreneur?

It's time for you to start your own company! But make sure your register for a company with BizFile and not any-o-how just start a company and start collecting money from public, you could be charge. 

10. Volunteer

Too much time and money? I guess you should give back to the society.

Many organization in Singapore actually requires much help therefore you can consider contributing to them regardless of time or money, here are few suggestion:
  • Animal Shelter
  • Hospital
  • Nursing home
  • Orphanage
If not you can just stay at home and help out with house chores, whip up a dish or two. Maybe you have some undiscovered hidden-talent.

Feel free to comment if you have any other suggestion, have good day!

Image source: bucketlistforgirls