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Building abdominal muscles

Hey guys~ it have been a great 2 months for me. I am going to make this post a short and sweet one.

One day I came across Dawn Facebook post (below) and that is what inspired me to start building an abs, or maybe I should say to achieve a flat tummy because my abdominal is like a protection layer made of fats and it is kind of turn-off whenever I wear something tight fitting. Some people are blessed with flat tummy and only need to build an abs or best don't even need to do a thing yet they are able to flaunt it, but me... fats, that is why I started workout.

This is unbelievable. That's how my tummy looks AFTER I EAT. Omg. Is that me? There's like no tummy at all 
Posted by Dawn Chan on Monday, March 23, 2015

Yea, if Dawn can do it I don't see why I can't

Don't wish for a good body, work for it.

 Believe it or not, I used to not being able to do even 10 sit-up. I know shit about fitness either.

Let's put gym aside, here I am talking about working out at home.

I started off my daily routine with this:
I can say that this is actually quite an easy workout for beginner.

Slowly after I've build up some strength on my core I stop the above workout and proceed with doing 100 sit-up per day, I usually do it at night so that I could get a shower after that and off I go to bed.

Remember it is not about how fast your do it, when doing your sit-up it is best to take it slow and feel the movement on your core muscle making sure you engage them.

In additional, on days when I am not tired enough I also in-corporate this workout on top of my 100 sit-up routine to train my oblique:

My favourite move will be the Reaching Oblique Crunch and Russian Twists

I am sure everyone can achieve flat tummy or abs with these home workout above.

Oh yea, Pilate helps too.

For now during days that I am lazy to follow the video or to do sit-up I will just stick this:

Photo: loseyoself

But of course you must do it everyday without fail, at least a 100 Bicycle Crunches.

Exercise itself won't be sufficient therefore watching the diet is also an important point, eat clean and watch your calories intake.

I know everyone wants to have all the good food but look great at the same time, however..
30% Gym
70% Diet

Most importantly drink up and keep yourself hydrated.

This could be you in few months, don't give up.

Good things take time *winks*

Let's work hard together to achieve our goals.


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