Milly’s Eyelash Extension REAL Review

FYI: This is not a sponsored post, I didn't go with an identity of a blogger instead I went as a normal customer. It is also my first time doing an eyelash extensions.

Was always reluctant to try out eyelash extensions as there are rumors that it is uncomfortable, some experience burning sensation and even pain, I myself tried few strand before as I was an apprentice beautician before and will need to practice on each other. At that time I don't really like to have an eyelash extensions on because of the material of the lashes, it was like synthetic plastic, hard and not natural at all.

Recently during and event job I met a girl with eyelashes extensions and it was really natural, I got a chance to touch her fur lashes and my perspective of eyelashes extensions have change. Two days later I decided to give it a try, because I know there will be no harm trying furthermore it save me a lot of preparation time as fake eyelashes is required to be on while working.

Her lashes are done at Milly's and I often go there when I was younger (perhaps around 8 years ago) to do my nails and hair extensions therefore credibility was there and I made an appointment without hesitation to go to their new outlet at Suntec after-school to do my eyelashes.

At first I wanted get the Royal Furlash mainly is because it is the lightest, softest and most natural of them all (compared to the rest of Milly's lash) partly is also because I have a sensitive eyes and afraid that there would be any irritation however, the beautician suggested me to go with the Miracle Mink lash instead because from what she observe my natural eyelash is much more thicker than the Royal Furlash therefore I am more suitable for the Miracle Mink lash and it's curl is also more obvious. After much consideration I heed with her advice, at first I don't really like her suggestion because Miracle Mink material is much harder than Royal Furlash but then no harm trying right, because I can remove it anytime if I don't like the result.

In-case you didn't know about eyelash extension. It is to glue cluster or strand of lashes onto the real lashes so there it will look fuller. Not recommended for permed eyelashes because the hair is already weaken. Usually it will last for about 3 to 6 weeks depending on individual eyelash growth rate.

Ambiance at Suntec is not bad


Left - with Miracle Mink Lash
Right - Natural Lash
I am sure you can tell the difference now

After - Miracle Mink Lash

Forget to mention my appointment was around 8pm. Left side of the lash is perfectly done however those on the right is somehow not well done from what I feel, maybe it's near the closing time and the beautician want to rush home or what (I don't know) but it's okay.

Was given a fan to blow because the glue is not fully dry and it somehow will have a stingy feeling, it was bearable and eyes can be fully open with no problem at all.

Sorry, forget to flip the photo. The eye on the left of picture is actually my right eye.

Love the effect of my eyes after the extensions and I don't even need to put on an eyeliner on my upper eyelid anymore, really save a lot of time and product.

Was really not used to the first two days of face cleansing as I need to be really careful and I am also not used to have something sticking onto my eyelashes therefore my itchy hand keep touching and will tend to pluck some away as sometimes it gets really itchy reason is because I am not used to it, but it is fine after days later.

2 weeks later I went to Bugis Cube outlet for a touch-up because the lash really drop a lot especially the right side, I swear I never pluck the area with that hole over there, there is natural hair there just that it is not attached to any strand of extensions.

Lash exactly 2 week later

After touch-up

So the hole is fixed after the touch-up, I am not sure what kind of lash they use to touch up for me because there is Crown Mink and Miracle Mink lash, I only told the beautician mine is Mink lash so ya.. and the difference between both is the material, of course Miracle Mink material is better.

Overall I am still satisfied with the lashes (except for one strand) and will go back for more, what I don't like is just that some never lash is not stick properly ._. or maybe is the growth of my own lash (not sure) below is an example

You get what I mean? That one weird lash gone haywire. 

Updated - 26 February 2016

Milly's may be the top of mind to some people however, we won't know what is the grade like because this is an intangible service. Good or bad it is up to personal opinion.

It has been 3 hours, since I was laying on bed and I couldn't take it anymore. The timing now is 5:10AM and I am suppose to be sleeping right now as I have my freaking end semester exam later! However the lashes is so uncomfortable that it is keeping me up.

Lashes status for less than 1 week of extensions
 Not sure if it's me, my brain, my hand or it's their service.
FYI: I bought a package for Miracle Mink lash ($100)
If I am not wrong the one I had on my eyelashes are the Black Diamond Cluster lash ($75), which is not of the best quality.

I asked for a more dramatic look this time therefore the beautician recommend me to mix a bit of cluster lash instead, me without thinking I asked if I need to top-up extra money for that lash and she said no therefore I agree to proceed with her suggestion never did I know that I would regret my decision.

Day 1 of Black Diamond Cluster Lashes

It is claim that "Eyelash extensions may last from two weeks to two months, depending on the cycle of hair growth."

It means their glue are that strong to hold onto your lashes for two weeks to two month, if it drops mean the problem lies with YOU either you have an itchy hand to go and rub & tug the lashes or either your lash is weak that it kept falling off.

Day 3 of Black Diamond Cluster Lashes

My first impression when I see my newly done lashes I am like "ahh nice~" however I wasn't that satisfied with it as it was heavy that made me feel sleepy for the whole time, I was practically taking a nap almost everywhere I go and couldn't concentrate on the things I do. The lashes is also even more difficult to maintain compared to the Miracle Mink Lash, eyes even hurt when it touches water (not sure if it is the glue). I can't even comb the lashes like how I used to do it to the Miracle Mink Lash.

But you know.. sometimes the problem doesn't lies with me, it is with the product/services. The lashes are hard and prickly as hell, and it was sharp that it kept poking onto my eyelids till I couldn't stand it. I suspect that glue was also used on the lashes to keep it in shape looking more curl.

I couldn't fall asleep because of the comfort level therefore I went to pluck it, as you can see mostly are cluster lash. Not even the single lashes that I paid for, texture/quality is so different.

Initially they also did a double booking for the appointment and cancel mine hence I have to do it another day with another beautician, there is nothing else I can do but to agree because I really want it to be done before my NutriGirl "after" shoot.

I was thinking to endure until I wake up and go to them in the day to remove the extensions then do a lash perming at least my eyes still will look brighter and open up, but sad to say there is nothing much left now. My lower natural lashes are even more than the ones on the upper eyelid now, how sad.

In my recommendation, I rather you not do an eyelash extensions because if the lashes were to fall off it would take approximately 2 months for them to grow back (just look at how full my lashes were back them, scroll to the very top). I would suggest you to stick on a fake eyelashes instead, and/or do a eyelash perming (optional).

But my advice would be that you just get an eyelash curler and a mascara, safest and cost effective method of all. After all beauty is temporary. If the people around you really mind about your appearance then you should ask them to F off.

Or if you really need an extensions then just get the single strand ones.

Initially I wanted to get my head hair extensions done there however there are many bad review I saw online, and after this incident I think I better not do it. Anyway.. next time be firm with your decision and just go for what you have paid, never ever downgrade! 

I feel that beautician should have some ethic, as their behaviour will have an impact of the firm reputation that they are working for. Here I will not name the beautician, but I hope that more people will provided the service that they are suppose to give, knowing how to decided what is right and wrong. e.g. not to give a service that is lower cost so that they can earn commission from service of higher price where they can also save the material cost and workmanship.

7:58AM finally finish plucking all the extensions, still manage to salvage few of my nature lashes with a bit of swelling on the lids.
Looks like my eyeliner tattoo is fading off too, time to get it redo.

And also if you are like me (plucking extensions)
Here is some tips for you:
Please DO wash your face immediately after, especially your eyes area incase any debris fall inside. DO NOT apply any eyelash serum within the next few hours, probably wait for around 48 hours I guess (to be safe) because the pores are open therefore it is easier for bacteria to attack them.

Good luck and I hope that there won't be any infection.

Sad to say plucking of lashes may lead to permanent loss of natural lashes.

Think twice if you want to get eyelash extensions,