Chicken Legend Coconut Steamboat

Originated from Shenzhen City, this is the first Coconut Steamboat founded in Singapore introducing the concept of healthy eating. 

This is something different from the usual soup stock such as the herbal chicken, tomyam, mala etc. and I think you should try. Steamboat is served with pure coconut water, unlike traditional steamboat, no artificial sweeteners are added into the soup at all because the soup is already naturally sweet.

Soup is not oily even after hours of cooking, safe to drink!!

Chicken Legend
15 Upper East Coast Road
Singapore 455207
Opening hours:
Tuesday - Sunday: 5:30pm - 11pm
Closed on Monday
Contact: +65 9295 0650

The concept of using coconut water as a broth is something healthy, can you see how clear the soup is *insert love eyes emoji*, I also didn't face any smokey situation while eating which I hate that will make me smells especially my hair.

The unique premium soy sauce fuses more than ten different herbs are serve with garlic, lime and chili, you can't find this anywhere else.

Kampung chicken cubes are best dipped into the sauce for a more savoury taste

Food set are usually served in portion which is good for 2 person

Photo courtesy of Chicken Legend

Photo courtesy of Chicken Legend

Photo courtesy of Chicken Legend

You can see that coconut water is taken out directly from the coconut itself, therefore it is 100% natural with no preservative added. This is what they do when you ask for an re-fill of soup.

FYI: Coconut water actually have many health benefits

I usually don't drink the soup from any steamboat pot, except for the ones I do add home la, sorry that I am a bit particular for what is going into my stomach. Who knows what is added into the soup, there might be tons of MSG inside you won't know. But for Chicken Legend I am assured that I am not drinking anything unhealthy. We also almost finish up the whole pot soup of even with refills!

Photo courtesy of Chicken Legend
This is how the environment is like incase you are curious

Jasper(owner), Chevy, Dawn, Kenny, Serene


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