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Carboxy Body Shaper

Hi there, I am so excited to share with you people this product from the brand 23years old! It's my first time receiving and reviewing a body slimming product furthermore I have been lazy to hit the gym theses day and have been skipping abs exercise, now the fats are all back to say hi.

This product works with your skin cells using CO2 to encourage fat burning while tightening and smoothening your skin for the perfect body line.

Recommended for people who:
  • Want to eliminate unnecessary cellulites.
  • Want a product that burns fat while making the skin smooth.
  • Would like the perfect body line.
This Carboxy Body Shaper is made in Korea and is suitable for all skin type. Here is how I am going to get rid of my love-handles, read on to find out on the after result.

What is in the box

How to use

Exercise the target area for about 30 minutes either before or after using the Carboxy patch.

Inject liquid from tube into syringe

For the belly area, around 20 to 25ml is needed depending on individual, 10 to 15ml for the thigh area.

Apply an adequate amount of gel to the target area.

Attach the patch sheet over the gel, for me I cut the patch into halve

Wrap with a plastic wrap for twice the results (optional). 

Remove after 30-50 minutes and massage. (pink/redness is normal)

Before After

Immediate effect

The CO2 penetrates the skin to deliver ppc to activate and promote the cellulite burning components while the wastes are brought out by the oxygen for a smoother, cleaner skin inside and out.
Use once or twice a week on a 2 day interval for best result.


I remember I used to play with my mum slimming cream and the heat is really a killer which I cannot tolerate, I cannot imagine myself going through such process. Luckily this product has no skin burning effect but let me warn you first as there is some tingling feeling at the first few minute of application which is still bearable. Girl theory = want to look good then must sacrifice a bit therefore I must be able to take it.

If you are using a plastic wrap make sure you wrap it properly in-case it shift as the texture of the product is gel-like, if you are not using any warp I would advise you to stay in a stationary position. But for a a more effective process I would recommend you to use a wrap. Some tips for wrapping is that you should wrap it while in the position that you are going to be at for the next 30 minute, for example sitting down.

Immediate effect is that skin felt tighter and smoother. What I don't really like that the gel is hard to absorb even after massaging

Where to buy

Flabby arms, thighs, and love-handles? No problem! This product will kill all your stress away keeping you fabulous looking, it's time to say goodbye to stress days. I would recommend this for people who don't have time to exercise. Shop at Jofiel Beauty

Whatsapp: 9669 6982

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