Soulscape Yoga Music Dance festival Singapore

This year will be my first time participating in SoulScape at Tanjong Beach Club. There will be over 20 workshops and classes conducted by leading local and regional instructors, featuring a diverse and lively range of activities such as yoga, meditation, dance and fitness from day to night, water and/or land.

Things I am looking forward to is the sunset yoga session, there are also many other fun activities too. Can't imagine how magical and amazing it would be to practicing yoga at the beach side together with so many people. "Inserts love eye emoji-con"

This event is not to be missed out if you love Yoga, Music and Dance! (Tickets starting from $15)

Hint hint: I will be going for Sound Meditation, Souldfire Flow, Embodied Dance and of course not missing out Sunset Yoga.

Find out which workshop is suitable for you

Community Pavilion, free dance and yoga workshops are open to the public.
Free bottles of water and coconut water for all thirsty yogis.
Full Access passes get Free Yoga mats from Real Yoga
All paid ticket holders gets Goody Bags

Remember to bring your own mat, otherwise you can rent mat for $20 at the Madana booth

Do drop me a message if you are going ok? ;) Perhaps we can hang out together.

"I bow to you"

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