I always have a wish to conceal and treat my acne at the same time, best if I can look flawless but is that even possible :/

Not until I discover the product from Miacare, they actually have product that can recover and conceal acne at the same time.

Miacare Acne Patch

Photo source: Miacare

Made from 100% medical grade hydrocolloid dressing used by medical professionals to heal wounds, the center of the acne patches are thicker to promote good pus absorption, reduce inflammation and promote a quick drying out of the pimple. Doubling up as a barrier against bacteria contamination from thin technology that allows the patch to stick like a second skin for high invisibility, and enhance pus absorption capability. Further, the patches are able to absorb light energy - blocking up to 95% of harmful UVB rays and preventing potential acne pigmentation from forming to reveal clear skin in just 12 hours.

  • High acne pus absorption
    • Absorb acne pus naturally, prevent from bacteria contamination because of hand contact and squeezing
  • Ultra invisibilty design
    • The thin exterior and thick interior patch design, make it become highly invisible
  • Reduce acne pigmentation
    • Absorb over 95% UVA and reduce melanin precipitation
  • Easy for makeup
    • Easy makeup after attaching due to perfect fitness and high invisibility

Tips for Best Results When Putting on a Acne Patch:
  • Cleanse hands and acne area thoroughly, and dry well before application to create a clean environment
  • For best results, it is recommended to be used on acne with pus
  • Replace with a new patch once current patch turns white in colour as it indicates that pus has been absorbed from the acne
  • Alternatively, change the patch after using it for more than 12 hours

My review

Day patch, $4.50 12pcs
Will usually be embarrass to wear an acne patch out in the day however Miacare day acne patch matches and blend into skin very well, can't tell that I am wearing a patch as it is ultra thin (0.015cm) even on a close look. 

Kindly ignore my acne scare and try to spot the Day patch

Night patch, $4.50 12pcs
Very thin  (0.018cm), even for the night patch. Adhesion is also very well compared to competition brand, don't need to worry that the patch will drop off during sleep when I toss and turn. It's good to paste this on the face especially when I am home such that my itchy hand won't go and touch my face, even worst to squeeze it.

 Day and Night patch, $6.20 18pcs
I like that how they have different variant of acne patch for day and night usage suitable for both gender, for example the day one is almost unnoticeable but yet have the ability to absorb pus, as for the night patch there is thicker hydrocolloid dressing for an accelerated absorption of pus. I find that the pack of day and night it is good for travelling or even to start with.

Miacare Acne Defense (Concealer Stick)

  • Natural and easy remove particle
    • Natural mineral particles is added, easy to remove and suitable for acne prone skin
  • Clear Acne
    • Patented Ac.net, extracted from olive leaf, clear acne by reducing sebum effectively
  • No alcohol added
    • No alcohol formula, will not irritate skin
  • Easy to carry
    • Clear and cover the acne anywhere and anytime

My review

Obvious result of skin redness and scare is covered up
Disclaimer: No other coverage except for the Miacare concealer stick

As you know most concealer are made to cover dark eye circle, can be use on blemish too but who know if it is good for our skin. I am actually looking for a affordable concealer that can cover acne and heal at the same time, glad to receive this product from Miacare that meet my requirement. Putting it on a test I wore it out for a dinner with my bareface without any coverage and just Miacare concealer to cover my skin redness and acne, the colour turn out looking natural like I didn't even apply anything on my face. I feel so proud of myself being able to go out bareface after looking into the mirror at a public toilet haha. Not forgetting to mention, this product also creates a layer to block the dirty particle in the air from getting in contact with the skin. Removal is also easy, I used micellar water to wipe it off. This is like a skincare + cosmetic in one product.

Miacare Acne Defense (Spot Essence)

Miacare Spot Essence, 10ml $13.90
  • Clear Acne
    • Patented Ac.net, extracted from olive leaf, clear acne by reducing sebum effectively
  • Prevent acne scar formation
    • Whitening ingredient, Tranexamix acid, can prevent skin from dark pigmentation
  • No alcohol added
    • No alcohol formula, will not irritate skin
  • No hand contact to acne
    • Rotary pen design, apply the essence to acne directly.
    • No hand contact can prevent from bacteria contamination

My review

This product leave me a great first impression with the it's pretty glittery white glass tube. Not sure of why are they using a glass tube, maybe it is a better material to store the essence. Roller pen design is good that I do not need to apply the product using my hand moreover there is a soothing effect however I am not very sure of the effectiveness of this product yet due to short-term use.

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