Why relationship don't workout

I discover that some answer to a healthy relationship contain C's, the more the better! Of course they are not cars, certificate, condominium, country club orcredit card lah, these are just a bonus. Although most people want a luxury lifestyle but I believe for a relationship to work we must understand the following:


After living for so many years I am sure that you have met many different people from the walk of your life and gone for lots of date. Being a girl you will surely have many suitors especially when you are single. Don't mention about guys, even me tried dating apps (that was when I thought I have no choice, apparently I took some time and taught myself how to enjoy being single). When there is a lot of choices people tend to become fickle minded, every minute and hour of their life will be like "who should I choose, I think this one better leh etc.", then we will start comparing. Hey, I rather you not choose when you can't make up your mind lah. At this point, most of the time that person with lower qualities will tend to lose out however not everyone will go for the one with higher quality la because of feelings, y'all know. What I want to say is that don't let something temporary affect your current relationship, life will change for the choices you've made.


Some people just couldn't settle down due to many different reasons:
  • Want to enjoy life to the fullest
    • Can is can, we are only young once but then we must know when to stop and think of settling down to build a future.
  • Fear of commitment
    • Because they are unsure if he/she is the one. If you freaking never put in any effort to try then things of course wouldn't work out.
  • Afraid of responsibility
    • When you are together you are not alone anymore, you have to care about each other welfare and thoughts, you have to sacrifice some things and how to prioritize, have to plan for the future, there is just so much to do.
  • Busy with work
    • Worst excuse I ever heard, this kind of person really some need time management. How to even manage your own relationship well when you can't even manage your own time. If you can't make some time for him/her then I think you don't deserve their time too.
Or due to whatever personal reason. If the person has hit their middle age and is not even prepared to settle down then I am totally speechless, next you will see them being those lifeless uncle sitting at the coffee shop or some aunty going around looking for love (no offence for this one). I believe none want to die lonely, if so why not start doing something to rectify this issue.


Communication is the most essential thing in life. Couples don't have to speak with each other all the time, you not bored I also will get bored eventually. At least catch up with each other in any time of the day to let them know you care, saying "I love you" to remind them you are always there or a simple "Good Morning", "Good Night", this isn't something hard to accomplish unless they don't have a place in your heart.
Communication is a two way thing and it's not only about talking, when one deliver a message the receiver should giving their attention not just for the sake of listening to reply. Take the chance to understand each other as days goes by. If there's any problem talk and sort it out, there will always be a solution, don't just let it pass with regrets.
Another kind of communication is intimacy, what I meant was simple things like holding hands, hug and kisses, just show them you love them otherwise, insecurities will start kicking in.
Keep that in mind, some people care just that they don't take the initiative to show.

Wishing all couples out there last long,
Love me