Late Night Thought

Sorry for flooding my social media accounts with my emotions, just let me be ok.

One fine day I met this fine guy, being with him let me realize how I used to take people for granted. I never felt irritated with his personality unlike how I view other guys, everything is like so perfect to me I have nothing to complain at all. I slept so well every night that I forgotten I had insomnia and used to rely on pills to sleep. My temper eventually got better, I became a much patience person because I just couldn't stay mad at him I had no ideal why. For him I made an effort to do things I won't usually do, oh well I will just take it as a self-improvement lesson. Sometimes I am still a stubborn little girl that just won't listen instruction when it is for my own good, I am sorry for this and I will change. All my friends know I hate to waste time but I just love to find time to spend with him, just maybe I gave too much time and everything gone wrong. I am just so bad in dealing with relationship, sometimes my character change depending on nature and status that's why I can never be loving, my bad on this.

Being a flexible person I will not follow if you are not taking me with you,
I will be good and continue walking my own route even if I can't see where I am going,
I know one day I will walk into somewhere or eventually being picked up.

When there is only one path left I have no choice but to go ahead,
unless.. I want to turn back, which I doesn't mind.
For now just keep calm, stay positive and move on.

I will never forget,
the way you held my tiny hand,
the way you kissed my forehead,
the way you hug me goodbye,
the feeling upon seeing you,
all the little things you do..

Maybe someday I will?

Sometimes I will miss us, thought of it make me want to break down however,
I always repeat to myself that I have to be strong because that is the past.

Never in my life I had tried maintaining a relationship.
I told myself I have to give it a try this time but, I failed to.
I was left speechless, I suddenly feel that there is no use trying.
I just felt that there is nothing I can do to save it anymore.
Now I understand the quote "It takes two hands to clap".
I treasured what I had before I lost it, I live with no regrets.