Nutrigirl Journey - Week 1

Had my "Before" transformation photo on 15 November 2015, and I am proud to announce that my Nutrigirl 2016 journey officially start on that day. Will be constantly updating this space on my journey and NutriGirl event so there's no secret, also feel free to follow my regime and take on my tips if you like.

So happy that my body fat percentage reduce by 6.4% since last weight in on 16 Oct 2015!

Will be documenting my weekly progression here if you are wondering about how I am doing, progression shoot would most likely to be inside the blog post therefore you need to click on "read more" to view.

14 November 2015
Here is what happen the day before my photo shoot, I attended a workshop held by Singapore Pain Solution and understand more about our spine (this one I will talk about it on a separate post).

Made an impromptu decision to take part in the Energy Rush event organized by Energy One themed "Party in the Gym" together with the NutriGirls not knowing what to expect.

Photo source: SAFRA EnergyOne

Photo source: SAFRA EnergyOne
Took part in NutriFirst Protein ‘Shiok’ Challenge very sportingly and required to gulp down as much protein drinks as I can in 3 minute, so far I only manage to finish 4 bottles but good enough since it is my first time trying it and I already had water before that. Never knew that protein drink can taste so good, at least not as awful as how others describe it. The one drink I am challenged to is the Coco Protein from Muscle Pharm

Knowing that I have weak arms I still gave a try in the bench press challenge, required to complete as many repetition in 3 min with the total weight of 30kg

Photo source: SAFRA EnergyOne

Had a hell evening of fun although I didn't win anything, all I can say that it was one of the best decision I have made this year, changed my impression towards Safra gym (they really have well equipped facilities), got to know new people from the fitness industry and lastly bonding with the NutriGirls, sponsors and 6 production team (and also get to catch up with the emcee whom I used to work with).

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15 November 2015
  • Hula hoop 950g
    • Clockwise waist rotation x100
    • Anti-clockwise waist rotation x100
  • 50 Sit up
  • 10min Chase Vibro Shaper
    • 5 set
      • Full squat x12
      • Bicep curl x10
    • 1min squat hold
16 November 2015
I realize that getting a lean body is just not only about working out, it's about the things we eat. "We are what we eat."

There is a need to learn about nutrition facts, terms of chemical that can be found in supplements; what it does, formulas to calculate this and that like what our body requires many more such as cooking etc. on my brain this moment is that I need to get a freaking crash course on fitness.
  • Hula hoop 950g
    • Anti-clockwise rotation 5min
    • Clockwise rotation 5min
  • 20 Leg raise
  • 20 Reverse crunch
  • 20 Bicycle crunch
  • 10min Chase Vibro Shaper
    • 5 set
      • Full squat x12
      • Bicep curl 6kg x10
      • Standing twist 3kg x12
      • 10sec rest
  • 30sec back bend
  • 30sec standing forward bend
17 November 2015
Remember not to let the momentum lead you!
  • 1.98km run
  • Hula hoop 950g
    • Anti-clockwise rotation 10min
    • Clockwise rotation 10min
  • 10min Chase Vibro Shaper
18 November 2015
  • Bodypump

19 November 2015
  • 5 Set (Afternoon)
    • Squat Assist Machine 20kg x10
    • Torso Rotation Machine (forget weight) x8

Went to Dennis Gym for a workshop and gain many insight about fitness during the question and answer session. Can't really remember the things discussed in detail but fret not, I will definitely write down all kinds of tips in my blog I can remember them regardless of sources. 
  • 5 Set (Night)
    • Russian Twist x20
    • V-Situps x12
    • Ropclimb x12
    • Leg Lowers x10
  • 10min Chase Vibro Shaper
20 November 2015
I had to wake up at 6am+ to prepare and head to school, ended my lesson at 3:30pm, ran some errand after my early dinner and went working from 6pm to 10pm, then I had my supper which is crabmeat salad (kind of light and healthy after all). Arrive home at around 12 midnight and I was already dead tired. no mood for skin therapy, no mood for workout, basically this is a rest day for me.

This day my bum sore a little (because of the squat I did yesterday) and incase you just started workout and is worry about the soreness here is some thing to relieve yourself, I remembered my classmate mention that if that muscle group have not been used before it will sore for awhile (days) after that it would be fine; and also large muscle need 72 hour of resting before the next workout where the smaller one like abs require 24 hour and this conclude that we should do abs workout everyday.

21 November 2015

Was lucky enough to get a slot for Bodypump at the very last minute as someone somehow backed out (if you know, the slot is always fully taken up in less than a minute of release). It is also my first time so early at the gym, 9AM y'all know!! Past few days I have been doing workout at home during the midnight cause my days are packed with school and work.

  • Body pump
  • Hula hoop 950g
    • Anti-clockwise rotation 5min
    • Clockwise rotation 5min

Bought the FitBit Aria so that I can monitor my body fat percentage daily, it is better than making time to go and use the one in the public (more better in the convenient of home) furthermore I am able to view the log on my phone and laptop. Will post weekly chart from next week onwards :)

22 November 2015

  • 5 Set
    • Russian twist x20
    • V-ups x12
    • Plank pushups x6
    • Leg lowers x10
    • Rest 60sec
Today is a super duper stress day, time not enough, sleep not enough, money not enough, eat not enough, knowledge not enough, and damn lots of stuffs not completed. Really really need some adjustment in life.

Wanted to take a progression shot but didn't have enough time and concentration, hence here is a photo from last week.

15 November 2015
Hair and make by The Hair Secrets
So sorry that I have no fitness background, pardon me as I am still in the process of learning, I hope that we (readers with fitness interest yet) will grow together at the same time. I will also be more than happy to receive guidance from experience individual to share.