Expressions - Detonix S System

Was invited by Expression for a collaboration to be in the Brand Ambassadorship Program and an opportunity to try out the product and services.

This is me on 22nd December 2015:

My main concern is my fat percentage but I do not wish to lose my muscle hence I choose to go for a Expression Detoxification treatment called Detonix S System further more I have some cellulite on my thigh area which the treatment is able to cure.

Why I choose this treatment?:
  • Toxic from fat cells are remove
  • Cellulite can be treated
  • Safe and Painless
  • Able to lose body fat
  • Body is detoxified
  • Targeting the whole body

Cellulite is caused by Toxic Fat Cells.
The Ultimate Body Applicator goes into the fat cells and detox the fat cells, leaving a tone, tighten and firmer skin.

Although the treatment may seems appealing to me but then I will still need to go through a consultation to deem that I am a suitable candidate and also to find out with I want to achieve before Expressions can proceed with the treatment.

My measurement from FitBit apps:

As you can see there are a drop in my weight and fat percentage.

Yup, so there is an immediate effect after one session as tested and proven. Doing this treatment twice per week will be good.

On top of that I would also recommend you to purchase either Expressions Detox Kit ($58.00) or Slim Juice ($18.90) for more effectiveness.

Unhealthy eating will cause bodies to be congested with toxin therefore it is recommended to everyone to detox once in awhile to increase functionality of body systems.

I was given a packet of Slim Juice to try out, there are 14 sachets in a box and I drink 1 packet with normal water every morning. The berries flavoured Slim Juice is easy to make and drink however what I do not like is that it is gassy but still it is a personal preference.

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