MELILEA International (S) Pte Ltd Annual Party 2016

On 30 January 2016 few bloggers from The Influencer Network are invited to MELILEA Transforming People’s Lives, Care is Love New Year Party held at Serangoon Garden Country Club.

TIN Bloggers
Photo by: Derrick See
MELILEA is a company that product quality product with reward programme, “Transforming People’s Lives” is MELILEA’s mission with commitment to good health, beauty, success and happiness as four core values. MELILEA has always believed in ‘giving wholeheartedly, helping sincerely’.

Here are the range of products MELILEA carry:

The event started off with an opening performance

Photo by: Derrick See

Photo by: Derrick See

We are honored to have both Founder (Datuk Dr Alan Wong) and Executive President (Datuk Dr Stella Chin) of MELILEA International, joining us in the party, bringing the mission of MELILEA in 2016 to Singapore, while celebrating the coming soon Chinese New Year with all Melileans.

In the past years, they have transformed their own life, and now its time to transform other's, not just through products, but Care for the minor.

Photo by: Derrick See

Datuk Stella Chin, Founder of StarLadies International is an truly an inspiration women to me, some of the things she mention is that when your parents grow old what they really want is your love and accompany not the money you bring back home (vice-versa if you can feel). StarLadies is a non-profitable organization that promote women empowerment and equality through community initiatives and social responsibilities, she don't only give love to the needy but love.

She also shared on her newly launch book "About Happiness, I Truly Know" aka 關於幸福,我真的知道, delivering the objective of every women deserves to secure Happiness, by providing solution in achieving happiness in life.
"About Happiness, I Truly Know" is a true life story narrative book, describing Datuk Stella philosophy of happiness, adding point of happiness from personal to family, from career to marriage. Believing that every women is a shining StarLadies, they are able to strike a balance in both career and family, from excel in career and business management, personal development into overall complete women, marital relationship maintenance and parenthood essentials.
Photo by: Derrick See

Datuk Dr Alan Wong, Founder and Group Chairman of MELILEA International Group of  Companies said: “At Melilea International, we believe that serving our communities is not only integral to running a business successfully. It is part of our individual responsibilities as citizens of the world. We engage in voluntary work to remind ourselves to be thankful of our blessings. Support from members of the society like us goes a long way in helping these charities, in terms of their daily operations, grocery needs and funding.”

Mock Cheque presentation to NVPC as their support in Charity to reach the love out to the needy society in Singapore
Photo by: Derrick See

Another performance before we move on,

Photo by: Derrick See

So here comes the interesting highlight of the day where it captures the attention of many

Photo by: Derrick See

It's the Lion Dance!

In conjunction with Chinese New Year celebration, Melilea specially arranged a "Lo Hei" session

Photo by: Derrick See

Photo by: Derrick See

That's all for the day, sadly the book produce by Datuk Stella Chin is only available in Mandarin otherwise I would surely purchase it because I believe that the content in the book would educate me in life and the things I never knew.


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