Smile & Say Cheese

Domino’s Singapore unveiled the latest addition to its menu-the Cheesy Mozzarella Stix.

Aimed at offering customers more selection and variety, the new Cheesy Mozzarella Stix is what cheese lovers dream of. Baked to golden perfection and sprinkled with Mozzarella Cheese. Each stick is also loaded with 100% Mozzarella Cheese.

Photo credit: Derrick See

To the launch of new food items many were invited to the Domino's Cheesy Mozzarella Stix Influencer Event, the cheese lover me of course did not reject the invitation.

I recall when the dish was serve to the table, my impression was "Look like bread what"

Never did I know that there is so much mozzarella cheese stuffed inside the "bread". Shiok!

Photo credit: Derrick See

The Influencer Network then organized a mini contest on which pair can stretch the longest mozzarella.

Photo credit: Derrick See

We manage to stretch up to 83cm

Photo credit: Derrick See

To my amaze, Elaine Heng and her boy stretches to more than 100cm!

Wondering how long can it go? Try it yourself!

The cheesy mozzarella stix will definitely makes for a great addition to pizza lovers’ favourite orders and it is available for dine-in, take away or online delivery. You will never get enough of it.

Exclusive Pizza Deals For YOU!

Offer is valid for Online Order (, Call Centre (62226333) and Over the Counter
Promotion period: 20 Apr – 20 May 2016.
"TIN69A" for 2 Reg Pizza + Cheesy Mozz Stix
at $24.00 (U.P $51.40).

"TIN69B" for 2 Large Pizza + Cheesy Mozz Stix
at $34.50 (U.P $65.40).

"TIN69C" for 2 Xtra Large Pizza + Cheesy Mozz Stix
at $45.00 (U.P $77.40)
Note: Surcharge applies for Cheese Burst, Cheesy Crust, Classics, First class pizza and Cheese sauce upgrade, Half and Half, Extra Toppings, Extra Cheese and Extra Condiments.

Do you know?

Domino’s Pizza is the first international pizza company to introduce pizza delivery service and its famous pizza tracker known as the Great Pizza Service Tracker (GPS Tracker) for online ordering, making it the first pizza company in Singapore to have a pizza tracker.

Domino’s brings 4 key unique selling prepositions (USP’s) to its customers:
  1. 30 minute delivery guarantee; 15-minute takeout guarantee
  2. Product satisfaction guarantee
  3. Free delivery
  4. Nett pricing
As of April 2016, there are 22 Domino’s Pizza stores in Singapore.