Calibrated Pulsed Light (CPL)

Permanent hair removal is what I do for my monthly maintenance in order to achieve flawless skin, it has been 9 years and still counting. I have gone through IPL and also KPL, they not only help with hair removal it also can help to lighten scars and many more purpose depending on the machine.

I understand that people with darker skin tone are not suitable for IPL therefore, CPL will be their choice.

Underarm Done!
Upperlip Done!
Brazilian (In progress)
Full Arm (In progesss)
Full Leg  (Starting soon)

This this the Calibrated Pulsed Light Machine used in BB Beauty

CPL is perfect for people regardless of:
Skin Type
Hair Density
Hair Colour
Hair Thickness

Therapist will only need to select the correct customer profile and the machine will do the setting,
there is no need to be afraid of receiving the wrong treatment.

CPL not only target Hair Reduction but also includes:
Skin Rejuvenation
Pigmentation Treatment
Vascular Treatment
Wrinkle Removal
Acne Treatment

Progression shoot will be on the next CPL blogpost because you don't simply get to see the effect in just one treatment ya, meanwhile understand more about CPL.