Cast a Spell

When there is a 3rd party

I figured that I can never be with a guy whom has a Best Friend, lets call the guy BF or maybe you could assume it as Boy Friend. Who knows his BF is a bi, a lover of men and women. However, I am clear that the guy I love is a straight just that sometimes he couldn't go a day without his BF.

History BF theory is like this "Bros over Hoes" meaning: A man should prioritize his male friends over his girlfriend or wife. Unless she is not a hoe.

With that mindset he would never get a girl, trust me no girl will go for a guy that do not prioritize his girl. That must be the reason no girl fall for his BF and therefore he will try to get close to any guy that come across his life.

Yes he is greedy AF, his BF feel like it is because of him giving us time therefore I can have my weekend spend with the guy I love. Even for some actions I have done I need to seek his permission, wtf man where is my freedom then. Does it mean that I don't deserve the time? He tried ways to be a nice guy so it would seems like I am the one hating him, oh please I seen all kind of guy please don't make me judge you.

Without my existence, they can have all the time to themselves and be a truly BFF. They can gym together in the day, have dinner in the evening and play their console game till midnight.

Not sure if his BF is stupid or dumb. What's the point of blocking me on Instagram when I already unfollow him, dude I can't even view your profile cause it is private I should be the one blocking you instead.