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VaniSHR First Impression

The Fastest & Most Advanced Hair Removal in the World.
Introducing VaniSHR, 20hz/sec using broad-spectrum light technology.

ONLY @ Raffles Place
22 Malacca Street #09-00 RB Capital
Singapore 048980
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 10:30 am - 8:30 pm
Sat: 10:30 am - 6:30 pm
Contact: +65 6220 4434

VaniSHR Hair Removal makes use of avant-garde technology that combines laser light and pulsating light for the purpose of hair removal. The broad-spectrum light technology generates heat beneath the layers of your skin directing 50% of the energy emitted to the pigment in your hair (melanin) and the other 50% to the stem cells responsible fore hair growth. This effectively targets even the lightest and thinnest of your hairs.

Super Hair Removal (SHR) may look like Intense Pulsated Light (IPL) but this is not a IPL treatment. It works with the same principles of IPL but instead of pulsed light, it uses a combination of laser light and pulsating light.

IPL involves the use of a flash lamp device that generates heat beneath the layers of your skin. The temperature of the heat generated can go up to 70 degrees, increasing any chances of skin swelling or third degree skin burns. SHR on the other hand only generates heat that goes up to a temperature of approximately 48 degrees limiting any chance or swelling or redness to occur.

Super Hair Removal (SHR)
  • Laser + Pulsating light
  • Heat generated up to approximately 48 degree
  • No Redness and/or Swelling
Intense Pulsated Light (IPL)
  • Flash lamp
  • Heat generated up to 70 degree
  • Redness and/or Swelling

My Review

O Medical Clinic is easy to locate and accessible by MRT, housed in the building of Royal Brothers Captial at 22 Malacca Street. ONLY at Raffles Place is their new flagship store.

When I took the lift up I was impressed that Only Aesthetic have the whole level 9 for themselves. It was my first time visiting O Medical Clinic by Only Aesthetic hence it took me a bit of time to fill up the forms before the treatment can be started. As I was waiting I looked around and spot many unique painting around the place, I also realize they provides many other interesting aesthetics treatment.

I was not nervous when the treatment was about to proceed because I somehow know how it will feel like BUT it is not what I expected. The procedure was fast, pain free and by far the most comfortable hair removal treatment I ever receive. I even snapchat the process and had friends asking why do I look so relax as if I am not in pain, due to the fact that there are no discomfort at all.

Therapist is very knowledgeable about their product and services they had to offer, she literally explain to me how VaniSHR technology works. I also acquire knowledge about other treatment which I am interested e.g. how they work and differ from each other therefore I am able to do a comparison.

How To Get There

By Bus
Bus Stop (03021) - Prudential Tower
Approximately 0.183KM away

Bus Stop (05319) - OCBC Center
Approximately 0.207KM away

Bus Stop (03031)
Approximately 0.208KM away
Opposite AIA Tower

Bus Stop (03019)
Approximately 0.252KM away
OUE Bay front

Bus data extracted from:
By Train
Board a train to Raffles Place Station (EW14)
Take Exit A

Formally know as DBS Bank Building

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