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Creating curves and accentuate body shape using shapewear pieces.

Juneberries Haven
301 Upper Thomson Road,
Thomson Plaza #01-06
Singapore 574408 
Opening hours:
Call outlet to ask
Contact: +65 6455 2049

Juneberries Haven is a franchise operator of Triumph International. They also specialize in lingeries, sleepwear and skincare/cosmetic. They do not just source for the best quality products, but the perfect one that put a smile on customers faces.

Here is a real life transformation example with and without shapewear:

Before: 85cm 85cm 97cm

After: 80cm 80cm 95cm

Do you know that bust age faster than the rest of the body?

You can be at your 20's and have a saggy breast like a 40's

Women can be at their 60's and be busty like in their 20's

One way to prevent bust from sagging is having an adequate support.

At Juneberries Haven they have the consultant to ensure that we find a bra that is fitting to our body, not only to support out breast but also to enhance our figure.

Being between A and I shape, not only wearing the right fit will help with my figure, it is recommended that I take care of my body by selecting a healthier choice option in food and also exercise regularly to achieve the S shape.

What SHAPE are you?

Y - 2% of Singaporean women are voluptuous and heavier on the top, with concerns of sagging breast.
S - 12% of % of Singaporean women have a typical hourglass figure and they feel that preserving a youthful figure is their top priority.
I - 48% % of Singaporean women lack curves and are especially concerned with defining the waistline.
O - 12% of Singaporean women are voluptuous from top to toe, with loose tummy and shape typical after childbirth.
A - 26% of Singaporean women are heavier at the bottom, hence they are more conscious of a flabby butt and thick thighs.

Will be going to their outlet again to pick a fitting set for me, the picture will be up on my Instagram account. Do keep a lookout for it!