Rise & Shine workshop with Lorna Jane x Fitbit

Move - Nourish - Believe
Lorna Jane is all about inspiring women to live their best Active Lives every day.

Feel to thankful to be at the Lorna Jane event in partnership with Fitbit & Singapore Fashion Week which is held 10 September 2016 at TANGS Orchard SEVIIN loft space at Level 7.

Together with other girls, we participated in an exercise by Cheryl Lin from Eat Train Love using our body weight to do Ballet Barre; conditioning to tone and sculpt. Followed by a quick session on Sustainable Nutrition On The Go, with tips on how to maintain a healthy diet.

I was so obsessed with macronutrient e.g. protein, carbohydrate, and fat intake until I left myself thinking, "how about vitamins? what category do they fall under?", now I know that they are micronutrient which many people neglected when planning a diet plan.

Lorna Jane has also partnered with the coolest fitness gadget brand Fitbit to help women monitor their daily activities. I was so excited and happy to know that every girl will receive a Fitbit Alta. Yay!

Have been posting my weigh log on my Facebook and receive questions on what app do I use to measure them, I am using a smart scale called Fitbit Aria shared among members of my family where data will be automatically synchronised to my phone after my weight is taken. Recently the apps are able to log water. Now with the Alta, I will be able to track more activity such as sleep, exercise, movement, and even receive phone notification. Fitbit products is really a good investment I can say.

In 2012 the team at Lorna Jane made a promise to commit to the cause of getting a day registered on the Australian Calendar that promotes health and fitness - Active Nation Day. A day that stops the nation and asks the question to each and everyone of us - are we doing enough? If you are passionate about living an active life and want to make a difference then join us on Sunday 25 Sept. RSVP here :)