Monday blues

 It contains elements of depression, tiredness, hopelessness and a sense that work is unpleasant but unavoidable.

Body Fat Percentage

The feel when I couldn't fit into nice clothing during shopping, the feel when my figure doesn't look appealing in my current clothing. THE FEEL IS REAL. How to be decked in my favourite cropped-top like this?! Sedentary lifestyle and, binge eating all the delicious but dirty food are the cause. Body fat has been increasing since mid-November, been telling myself to have self-control and to be discipline but those mind talks don't seem to be working. Currently fighting to be better than my previous best self.

Music Quality

Lack of sleep, lack of time. Did not pack my school bag the day before, couldn't find the earpiece I usually use hence I just grab a new spare earpiece from the table and headed out. Replugged the earpiece multiple times thinking that the attachment might be loose without immediately realizing the problem lies with the earpiece I am using. BRANDING MAKES A DIFFERENCE. I don't feel good listening to bad quality music through the output, it fluctuates my mood. I never know what I have been using are great kinds of stuff until I get to taste the bad ones. 

Body Aching

Is it that my muscle are sore due to workout or is it I do not have enough nutrition from the food for recovering? Perhaps it is the insufficient sleep I've got. The sleeping position wasn't proper last night causing my neck to ache too. Today isn't just a good day to being, I should be at home sleeping in my cozy bed along with the rainy weather instead of being in school. MASSAGE PLEASE! Either way, I will be putting away some of my time today to workout, and the rest of the day too ...

Regardless of how I am feeling right now, the day still has got to go on.
The right food might just be the cure to all problems.