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LUCENT can make the difference

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LUCENT - The Key to Radiance that Lasts

Realize your dream for a silky-smooth complexion and lasting radiance with LUCENT, a powerful nutritional supplement made exclusively by Lione Laboratories.

LUCENT whitens your skin, reverses aging and optimizes skin health. With a first-of-its-kind concentration of 100% natural ingredients in one tablet, LUCENT unlocks the power of nature for healthier, more luminous skin.

Because real beauty isn’t merely skin deep, LUCENT penetrates below your skin’s surface to transform your skin from the inside out for a bright, healthy glow that won’t easily fade.

Unlike many supplements on the market, LUCENT’s exclusive formula is toxin-free and manufactured under strict conditions by companies in the USA, using only the highest quality premium ingredients for a safe and effective supplement on the cutting-edge of the Nutri cosmetics industry.

Effortless & Easy 24-hour Advantage

Unlike other one-tablet formulations, LUCENT is innovatively designed to be absorbed easily and constantly throughout the day so that you experience the full extent of its benefits across a 24-hour period.

Recommend taking one tablet with a full glass of water once in the morning, and once again in the evening each day, to ensure its considerable potency is readily absorbed and evenly distributed for maximum, round-the-clock protection.

 Luminous, radiant and healthy skin in just two tablets a day, for ALL day, everyday treatment!
 Each box contains 60 capsules for one month's supply.

Proven Results

LUCENT’s patented and award-winning main active ingredient has been clinically proven to significantly lighten skin, increase suppleness, elasticity, and radiance in as little as two weeks, with full effects and maximum results noticeable after 3 months.

Source: http://lione-labs.com/product-range/lucent

Here is my skin consuming Lucent for a cycle:

No other skin supplements are consumed during the review period as I want to see the full potential effect of LUCENT. The date wasn't in line because I have pause LUCENT for some time as I was caught with fever, I then continue with the supplement when I got well.

Verdict: 7/10
Easy consumable with water packed at a portable packaged, no nasty taste. I feel safe stepping outdoor without applying sun protection lotion after consuming LUCENT as the main active ingredient PhytoflORAL® absorbs harmful UVA and UVB rays which cause inflammation and damage to the skin cell, so much time is saved. Acne scar is also lightened without the need of applying scar gel, I feel that the supplement works on its own in our body to repair the skin.

Available at Kowayo Aesthetic
Recommend to complete 1 cycle supply (3 months)

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