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Happiness is being productive at the comfort of own home.

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Hi people! I hope you enjoyed your December holiday and Chinese New Year as much as I did.
Due to the festive season, I have been lazing around, having fun, not having adequate sleep or either doing nothing at home. I later realize that my fats percentage has increased, at the same time I was reluctant to hit the gym. Walking in heels of strolling or shopping does help to tone the legs effortlessly for real, I felt muscle sore on my gluteus, quadriceps, and calf during the process but of course, there's a price to pay which is getting a blister.

Imagine converting the traveling time to the gym on doing something more productive, in a month I could have saved approximately 40 hours, some transport cost and, gym entrance/membership. Hence, I decided to workout at home during lazy days, or on times where I do not have time to fit gym into my schedule. Best thing is I can wear anything I want and do not have to doll up as I am at the comfort of my own home.

Listed are my favourite exercise if I were to do a fast, simple and, effective workout at home:
  • 10 Minute Abs Workout
  • Bent Row
  • Clean and Jerk
  • Deadlift
  • Dumbbell Extensions
  • Lying Hip Abduction
  • Overhead Press
  • Sumo Squats
Of course, I don't do them all in a day, I switch them up here and there depending on my mood. Always remember it is no good to spend too much time on a workout, say more than an hour.

Stability is the key to an effective workout hence, the most basic equipment we need at home is a mat. After coming into contact with all kinds of yoga mat I realize that NatTone Exercise/Yoga Mat is one sports equipment that is worth investing on.

Here's what I have discovered on my own after using it for a period of time:
  • Pros
    • The first impression while unpacking, no nasty smell
    • Easy to roll out, comes with travelling bag
    • Firmness is there, no need for yoga paw or whatever you call it gripping gloves/sock/cloth
    • Pressure test pass, mat will not sink even when doing weights exercise
  • Cons
    • Not ideal for traveling as mat is heavy to carry around, however, it is portable and come with a traveling bag

Not a cardio bunny.
I will prefer doing weight compared to running, the most I would go for cardio will be either High-Intensity Interval training or Muay Thai, unless I have no choice but to run. I love weight lifting because it helps to burn fats constantly, at the same time it also helps to build muscle and strength.

Virgin Rubber Weight Plates is one of Primero Fitness popular product. This Weight Plate is protected by a proprietary elastic, non-recycled rubber that is odorless, durable and soft. The rubber protection protects floors from damage and is perfect for use in homes.

Based on feedback, Primero Fitness has also added a new product to their catalog, the Neoprene Dumbbells for women who wish to start a healthy and active lifestyle.

Equipment I used can be found at Primero Fitness, here's some equipment I would recommend to start your mini home gym:
Home Bundle A
Build Your Own Adjustable Dumbbell Set
From $1.55
On a side note, Primero Fitness also have loyalty rewards for their customers where return customers can get great discounts.

Primero Fitness Singapore is a one-year-old company which specializes in affordable gym equipment. They aim to provide affordable, high-quality gym equipment to every household in Singapore and are also updating their catalog of equipment consistently as they seek to provide their customers with the most affordable and high-quality gym equipment.

Feel free to ping me up if you need any shopping advice, meanwhile check out Shopping Guide To Starting A Home Gym.