Brow Embroidery

"They say our eyes are the windows to our soul, if that's so, then our eyebrows must be the frame."
- Sunshine Brow Studio

Sunshine Brow Studio
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Wed - Tue: 11:00am to 8:00pm
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Previously at the same address unit #01-503B, Sunshine Brow Studio have shifted to next door #01-503B due to an expansion, to provide more services for their customers. Currently easier to spot, located just below the overhead bridge.

Girl getting her brow trimmed

My BROW-tory (history)

The last time I did an embroidery was about 3 year ago at my favourite to-go salon for all brow, lash and, embroidery services, however, their brow embroidery was a let down which didn't last and I have not gone back despite still having existing session. It was so hard to trust another person for semi-permanent service since then.

Very much I wanted to get my brow filled with a perfect shape therefore, I can save the hassle to draw them as I feel that an eyebrow really frame up the face whilst having make-up on. Having a filled brow also acts as a guiding line for me to trim/draw my brow evenly. My naked brow seems fine just that there are still some empty gap at the ends which I hope it will be more defined. 

After reading up multiple review on Sunshin Brow Studio I have decided to get an eyebrow embroidery done however, I don't know which to go for because both latest technique is so tempting and sounds so great:

6D Brow Embroidery
Using stroke technique to produce a natural hair-like stroke, providing eyebrow with more fullness.
(so natural, just what I like but I am afraid it won't last)

Powder Gradient Eyebrow Embroidery
Latest Eyebrow Embroidery technique in the market. It creates an effect similar to eyebrow powder and uses 3 different shades from dark at the brow ends to light at the front.

Got my brow trimmed and, application the of numbing cream prior to embroidery:

While waiting for the numbing cream to penetrate, embroidery colour is getting mixed to match my eyebrow.

An important question I will ask: "What ink is it?"
Answer: It is organic ink, generally last about 1 to 2 years.

High standard of hygiene means brand new embroidery micro blades for every customer.

The beautician did a consultation with me first, later she drew the desired brow shape that suits my face until satisfied, she even got me to stand up making sure it is balanced before proceeding to the needlework.

Had video down the entire process using Instagram story but forget to save, sorry my bad.

Eyebrow Embroidery Aftercare
  1. No exercise or contact with water for the first 3 days.       
  2. Do not use makeup remover or cleansing foam or makeup or skincare on your eyebrows but apply the aftercare gel 3-4 times a day for 7 – 10 days until there is no more peeling.        
  3. Let your eyebrows peel naturally do not scratch it        
  4. Pat dry your brows after showering and reapply the gel 
  5. When reapplying the gel, make sure to remove the old gel before applying the new one
I honestly recommend everyone to apply the gel to ensure good care is taken to the brow because the skin tends to be drier and itchy during the scabbing process. The gel helps to keep my skin moist and dead skin to drop off gently not leaving any scar. Already spend so much on embroidery so why not invest a little more. Gel can be purchased at Sunshine Brow Studio for only $28.

My beautician, Eileen

My Review

So ya, I settled on a combination of  6D Brow Embroidery and Powder Gradient Eyebrow Embroidery at Sunshine Brow Studio hence, using 2 type of needles. I personally like the effect of Powder Gradient Eyebrow which mimics the use of powder eyebrow cosmetics which doesn't really stay after a long day however, embroidery is semi-permanent. Can't really see the 6D stroke thou, but I will be going for a touch-up 1 month later to correct any unevenness, darken the shade etc.

The biggest consideration for me before getting a semi-permanent service done is the type of ingredient use, ideally, everyone wants something safe for skin consumption. Making sure this is organic ink so I do not have to worry. Another consideration, of course, is the beautician reputation and the steady hands of theirs, I have seen many reviews about Eileen, therefore, I am assured of a quality outcome.

Beautician is really precise on the brow shape, she kept drawing and checking every angle making sure it is perfect for my face also making sure I approve the drawing as I will be wearing them for year(s), although time-consuming but I didn't mind as long as the look even and properly done. Overall I am very satisfied with the service and work done. Now I don't even need makeup to look good (don't say my complexion).

Not sure of the longevity thou, but I am certain that powder will surely last longer than stroke method and I know I will look good all day. Let's just wait and see or, maybe you could just follow my Instagram @xiangtingk for pictures updates 😊 

6D Brow Embroidery + Powder Gradient Eyebrow Embroidery
includes a complimentary touch-up
Promo: $888 (U.P. $1,888)