Handmade Pizza Are So Much Better

Image Source: Owariphotography

My 1st time trying out Pizza Delivery Singapore, a brand that understands their customer well.

Why I've decided to give Pizza Delivery Singapore a try is because they bring authentic Italian taste to the household, and I would like my parents to taste it as well. At the same time, I am a sucker for anything with free delivery, oops.

People often say "We are what we eat." that's why I wanna put quality food into my tummy too. In Pizza Delivery Singapore kitchen they used:
  • A secret tomato sauce, simmered for 8 hours
  • Pizza stones, so the pizza are more evenly heated
  • Fresh air-flown ingredients from Italy
  • 72 hours fermented dough, for optimal flavour
and here's why are handmade pizzas better:
✓ Lesser Calories
✓ Impossible to over-knead a dough by hand, thus producing a stretchy and elastic dough for a crispier crust
✓ Full control of incorporating oxygen into the dough, slow rising it to produce its optimum flavours

My Review

Placed an order with Pizza Delivery Singapore for 3 pax on a midnight when I couldn't sleep and was craving for some pizza. Schedule it for next day delivery for lunch because my parents will be home and I can save them the hassle of buying and preparing food. Although they can fulfil an order under 1 hour, me being a kiasu Singaporean decided to order in advance, incase I overslept.

I have set the delivery time slot from 11:15AM to 12:15PM, and they did deliver in time. Everything came as ordered expect for the pizza that are missing. Nevertheless, their team did a great job on sending me the missing pizza within 10min from the point of me contacting them to me receiving the food at my doorstep. 👏

Initially I wanted to order a pizza for sharing and, 3 pasta for one mains each. Glad that I didn't do that and proceed to order Hearty festa which is sufficient for 4 to 5 pax + one additional pasta for sharing. The portion of the pasta alone is already huge, we find it hard to finish even thou we are sharing it. It's really value for money for what we ordered, the total bill came up to $82.70 with inclusive of delivery. 

Image Source: Owariphotography

The quality of the pizza did meet my personal expectation for a stone over hand crafted pizza. The ingredients used is also air-flown from Italy which provides more authenticity to the taste. My parents and I love it, despite being their 1st time tasting hand crafted pizza. 

Image Source: Owariphotography

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