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When beauty meet functionality

Interstellar Goods retails functional Kickstarter products from across the world in Singapore. I personally own 5 products from the range of products that they carry and still counting. They are:

Memo Bottle

The bottle caught my eye immediately due to its unique shape about 4 years back. I got it in A5 and shortly after, they launch a A6 size and I knew I've gotta own it, you know girls carry different bags for different occasion right... so yup now I have them in 2 size and 2 different bottle caps (white and black) to match my outfits.

This is the size as compared to an iPad

I love how it was design to look like a book so we can store it seamlessly into our thin bag and also easy to carry around. I even see some guys gotten it in A7 size to put it into the back pocket of their jeans, damn cool.

Image source: Interstella Goods

Of course all these comes with a premium price tag, some of my peers think I'm crazy to even purchase it when there are cheaper options around. As for me I always prefer quality and genuine goods, and every Memobottle sold provides one person with two months' access to clean water, thanks to their partnership with

Orbit Key

An item that I would always recommend for people to get, either for own usage or as a gift because I believe that everyone do carry some sorts of key around. 

Things I bring everywhere. Spot the Orbit Key!

Mine is made of genuine cowhide leather in rose gold/blush colour, choose this instead of the TPU one because it looked more modern and totally my style. However, it is said to be less durable than the TPU one. Nevertheless, it still meet my purpose of decluttering my keys and preventing scratches inside my precious bags, mostly importantly getting rid of unwanted jingly noise.

Image source: Interstellar Goods

Been using them for about 3 years now and still looking good in condition. The only cons is that it couldn't hold keys that have a small keychain hole. They also comes with others attachable accessories like USB thumb drive and bottle opener, looks like it's time to get some add-ons. 😆

Quiver Bow Bag

This is a minimalist sport bag designed for working professional. I still remember me carrying it to one of my Pulau Ubin trip last year and it started raining heavily once my friend and I rented our bicycle. Luckily my bag is waterproof and it protect my belongings well. That being said, the exterior is made to be dirt and splash resistance too.

💧 Here's one candid shot of me with the bag and some water droplets: 

Image source: Interstellar Goods

I love how it is design to store everything and anything for a sporty day out. The straps is also very versatile that allows me to sling or use it as a backpack to match my outfit of the day, it's detachable strap also allow me to hold the bag just like a shoebag.

Nuud - Sweat Odour Bateria Neutraliser

Not many people like to talk about option about body odour but then again... this is a life saver therefore it is a must for me to share this with ya'll! Just take this as my review of the product okay. The moment I decided that I've got to try this is when I knew it's made 100% natural without chemical.

I used to apply deodorant every time after my shower until I chance upon this product... my underarm application usage was reduce to once daily then to 2-3 time weekly, and it just got lesser. Because this product works like a miracle, it helps to reduce bacteria at the same time doesn't stop your body from perspiring (which is a human body needs). This one small tube can last quite long because we only need a pea size on each application. 100% effective! 

P.S. Those 4 items mentioned above were sourced separately before I knew the existence of Interstellar Goods. Now, I'm glad that I can shop for more functional goods in one place.

Heroclip Qliplet Carabiner Clip Hook

Gotten this in size small so that I can fit it into my handbag without taking up too much space and weighing me down, I usually hang this on my bag handle as it is stylish as well.

This is the latest into my collection which was a gift that I really love and it's also one of the bestsellers at Interstellar Goods. Here are a 5 ways I use the carabiners for:

  1. Hanging my bag on table when dining out
  2. Hook a water bottle to my bag
  3. Hook my shoe bag to my bag
  4. Hook my shopping bag to handles
  5. Hook my toiletries when travelling

Image source: Interstellar Goods

Apart from the functionality I really love that it comes in rose gold 😍 This folding design carabiner hook is designed for many usage, do drop me a comment below to share with us how will you use it!

Because you're reading this post, you're in for a special treat to Interstellar Goods:
Get FREE express delivery + $5 off for any purchase!

But... there's a term to it:

  • Minimum order of $40 required
  • Only valid for the 1st-time customer

So yup, don't forget to apply the Interstellar Goods promotional code <serenekoh> upon making payment when shopping online. 😉

You can also have a look and feel of the products before committing to a purchase by appointment only, just drop them a message to book yourself a tour at their showroom:

JustCo @ Marina Square at 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, #03-308 Singapore 039594.


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