Crazy peoples

Met up with the guys at Marina Square and headed to Vivo City for dinner at Earle Swensens with my schoolmates, there are around 40 people. Must thanks to Rafidah for buying us dinner. After dinner some of us went to Breadtalk to purchase a birthday cake for Marcus and Yati.

I went to 7-11 to buy these miniature vodka to keep at home as a display. Spend $60+ not sure why the pink one is for women only.

After getting the stuff we went to the rooftop at Vivo City to gather with classmate and did a mini celebration for them.

Everyone went separate way after that, Alice, Bernice, Edwin, Leonard, Marcus, Nelson, Rafidah, Ruimin and Me went into the National Geographic for a walk a we found something we never seen before.

A Controlled Freezing Chamber. The price is $1 for a minute We wanted to give it a try and experience the cold so Marcus decided to paid for everyone but Bernice insist on paying her own. After making payment went in individually because the only one person is only allow at a time if not the machine will spoil because of over heating.

When I was inside, it was not as cold as I thought. Starting is a bit chill because can't get used to the big wind yet and it was blowing heavily. The screen behind is inside the box is showing our body temperature.

Thanks, for the fun with you guys today!