Why eat sprout?

Bored after surfing the internet for hours, I tried to take a nap but I can't seems to be falling asleep then I suddenly recall that my mum bought Hokkien Mee for me around 8 AM but at that time I wasn't hungry. Since I haven't eaten and I am bored this should be the right timing to warm up the food. Before frying it I remove all the bean sprout because I don't eat vegetable. I know I am a picky eater.

Facts about Bean Sprout:
They carry plenty of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and enzymes, all necessary for the body to function optimally. Sprouts are very inexpensive, they are always fresh and they won't stop growing until you chew on them and have the potential to help solve hunger and malnutrition problems in developing countries. In addition to providing the greatest amount of these nutrients, sprouts deliver them in a form that is easily digested and assimilated. In fact, they improve the efficiency of digestion.

Heard people say that sprouts are delicious but I will never eat it unless I have no choice or when I'm very hungry.