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You must love Clinic

Today went to Singapore boat festival, not what i expected to see there. When i look at the website it's like so much events is happening there, But when i'm there it's like the usual night at clarke quay. What i wanted is performance, But sad didn't see any. What i like is the C Clinic at the Cannery lane, we tried the X-Nurse's party and for me it taste like peach juice not much alcohol added in too. It's serve in a shooter that is what doctor use to perform an injection on you, a really cool way to drink it. Next time i gonna try out their Sex on the drip, Vodka Monin peach syrup which is serve in a blood bag. That place is really like a clinic, a place that you must visit. Pictures below, Enjoy.

Who says two people is boring

Hi, I spend almost 3Hour on posting this. Today morning woke up with menses, so unlucky. After preparing all these i went to meet Ruimin as Bernice is able to come with us because she fell down in the toilet and sprain her ankle ._. I left my house at around 5pm+ then i went back home again to shoe and left home after that went back again to change my top Lol, then my bag very big and heavy with a lot of rubbish so i went home again to change my bag. At last i went to the bus stop to wait for bus, After waiting for so long i realise that 162M first bus is at 1845 then i called Ruimin and i took a cab to pick her up around City hall then we went to the Singapore Flyer. First thing we do is to buy a ticket when we reach there, after buying it we went to the toilet. I was thirsty so i wanted to buy a bottle of mineral water, I saw this ice cream shop and i went ahead to ask the ice cream man weather is he selling mineral water a not. Our conversation is below, Very funny Lol Me: Do y