Anchorvale today,

Finally got the chance to go to the swimming pool at Anchorvale community centre, So hard to find people there you know. Today I went there with Bernice and Ruimin and they teach me how to swim too but learn until my head and naval piercing pain because of the slide, when coming down the force very big and that yellow slide is very scary it make my heart drop. When we played the medium slide i screamed Lol very funny and I drank alot of pool water :O cause my mouth kept cannot close well. But before we went there we had lunch at Sakae sushi at Compass Point, when we finish swimming it rain and we went to Dhouby Ghuat to dine in at don't know what Hongkong cafe but I know today I ate a lot of rubbish. Photo are below but I didn't post all because some are corrupted, don't know why. I think my memory card spoil or what, because of dropping too much of my phone and I hope I can change a new phone with a better camera that has more then 3.2 Mega pixel but it is a must to have Autofocus ( Like w995 Lol ) if not I won't even bother to use the camera on my phone unless I want to take important pictures or etc.