Racial Harmony

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Met Alice early in the morning at Juntion8 and waited for Bernice, Farah and Zuraidah to change after, changing we walked to school.
Reach school already but we were late, all of them don't have detention expect for me. Sat in class until recess because we don't have any lesson, After recess we went down to the canteen to sat down at the chair because our form teacher was helping out for the event. Later Alice and me went up for the Project Runaway, So nervous and embarrassing Lol But when the Project Runaway has ended i am already late for my detention class luckily i can leave as the same time as the other people but Jaisree, Karen and Me need to clean/pack up the detention class before we can leave. Bernice waited for me to finish my detention, because we need to meet Gladys at Juntion8 so i went to the toilet to make up and change my clothes, After changing Bernice, Karen and me walked to Juntion8 and our way to meet Alice and Gladys we saw Jamie and RuiMin so we chat for awhile, Later on WeiMiao came and we accompany her to the Food court to watch her eat.
After that Bernice and me went to City hall while Karen headed home and the rest went somewhere else.
When we reach there we went to city link to look at some shoes boutique and went to Raffles City to meet her blog shop seller.
After she took her things we went to the Donuts factory to take away some donuts and went to MacDonald to eat.
After that we took the mrt home, and i kept playing her Ipod touch game called "Tap Tap Revolution2"

Bernice is the Jesus Christ of the day
P.S Look at her costume