Cooking Classes

Had an elective module on going this entire week called Junior Chef organize by my school.

Basic skill for cooking, baking, etc. were being taught. Today we had a cooking test to test our cooking skill. I am in the same team as Bernice and we had a hard time cooking because we are short handed and cannot cope well because 1 member is not present today. I felt a bit frustrated at first and kept making the "Tsk" sound. We wanted to make chocolate cheese cake at first but we failed badly. So we continue with the Masala Baked Chicken but it doesn't taste good as compared to our Tuesday cooking. Anyway we had succeeded with two dishes which is the Tomato Soup and Thai Vermicelli Salad(Yam Wun Sen)

Bernice and Me preparing the vermicelli

Me mixing the ingredients

Bernice cutting the ingredients

Our end product, it taste sour and spicy.

Our hand was hurt while making this dishes, Bernice was cutting the chili padi and I was mixing the food. We added 10+ chili padi and cause our finger to become spicy.

Conclusion: Wear a gloves every time you cook.

While waiting for the judges to taste our food

Dishes from our class

Miss Tan, Marcus and Me

Photo taking session

Group photo

Congrats to the five winner: Afifah, Dewei, Marcus and Nelson (Forgotten who's the another person)
Photo credit: Miss Tan