12th - 24th December 2009 post

HAHAHA Finally can blog already, gotten a new laptop from dad "The ultra-sleek HP Pavilion dm3 Notebook PC" It's Windows7, can say Windows7 is quite nice just that I'm not use to it but I will get used to it very soon.
Today I went to ITE College east for the Beauty therapy course interview, but I was not selected because of my attendance, shall wait for their call tomorrow morning, if they called me means I have chance if not means no hope for me already need to choose other course. Hais there's no course that I'm interested other then Beauty therapy):  Shall wait for tomorrow, so good luck to me.
Now I'm going to post a few photo that I've taken the other time when I don't have the chance to blog. So sorry I used the new blogger posting function, the posting of photo is quite easy but when you wanna put them into the blog it came out in a mess and there are too much photo so I'm lazy to sort them out so the photo is not in order. Anyway it's okay right? Do remember to click on my advertisement by Nuffnang okay! And visit my blog daily if you can, I will update as long as I have a laptop/computer with internet connection with me(: Even when then computer/laptop does not have an internet connection or it is spoil I will update my facebook hourly.

Shall start off with 24th December 2009, Christmas eve night

I went to town at 4pm+ to shop for clothes then around 6pm Alice, Karen and Janice came and I meet them at Cineleisure.

Janice's air brushed tattoo that she gotten don't know from where at Cineleisure before I met them.

We went to the arcade, actually I wanted to play DDR then I saw a new music game by Djmax called "Technika" OMG LA that game was very fun and addictive I tell you LOL! Stomach went hungry after that, after discussing for a long time we decided to dine in at KFC for dinner -.-ll

This is Janice

Karen's candid shot by Alice

Did you notice at the three indian guy behind her? Haha so funny you know, they wanted to sit at our place. They waited for a long time and we still refuse to leave the sit and the got impatience finally we gave them our sit and they're still unhappy :/

Alice by Janice I think

When we have finish eating I kept wanting to go back to the arcade to play Technika Lol, so fun I tell you I LIKE! Haha Then when I'm playing halfway Janice joined me then Alice and Karen went to the Shaw house Mc cafe to fetch Shiting but they got lost -.-ll then when I have finish playing a few game of Technika Janice went missing, all throw me there alone so bad hor? Then I was like turning around searching for Janice then when I turn around guess who I saw? HAHA I saw Kianwee! So happy leis LOL my ex-boyfriend I miss him a lot. I called Janice, she said that she was at another mall already, Alice and Karen is still lost at Takashimaya because it was crowded so they can't find their way. End up Kianwee asking me to follow him and his clique, miss all their friend haha they're funny called me "Bimbo" A few minute later they all came back, went Kpool to watch them play pool and Janice left with her friend. We stepped out the mall at 11.59pm then people started to take out their spray and sprayed like crazy, luckily never spray till me or make me dirty if not i sure scold them ._. Later so funny, while we're walking towards to Dhouby Ghuat MRT station Kianwee disturbed the bangala, don't know why la he just like to disturb the bangala but very funny he go snatch their spray and sprayed at them then he got angry after that, aiyo like that also want to angry tsk tsk hope his temper will get better. Went to Boat Quay for drinking after that, at first my mood was like nothing/normal then I started to get happy and high after playing games but then I laugh till I cried because I suddenly miss Kianwee so much, I feel like hugging him manzx! But I feel like he's avoiding me making me more sad. There's a girl called Amelia, kinda forgotten how she look like already but I like her she was like so nice must say thank you to her for that night. I remember me slapping Alice, Haha so funny! Went home in the morning, I went to sleep can't sleep, I cried again siah I miss Kianwee too much like I wanna die but I don't think he ever loved me before, he's just treating girls too good. I woke up, can't sleep feeling drowsy. I remembered him smiling before I left Sengkang going home, his smile was like forcing himself to smile to me I don't know how to describe ok.
22nd December 2009,
Beauty Salon > ITE College east > Downtown east
Saw a girl back view resembling Xiulian then I walk toward her and she turned around it was really Xiulian, Haha she was there together with her friend for registration too. Then her friend fetches me to Simei MRT and I took the train to Pasir ris to wait for Alice, Gladys and Janice for Dinner at Sakura buffet. We did not make reservation, luckily there was a place for us.

Photo of Janice

My chicken hotplate

Gladys don't want let me to take a photo of her :/ but nevermind, wait

I like this

Alice look so funny in this photo manzxc! I always laugh when I saw this LOL

My cakeyyyy :D

That's me, Gladys lor play with my camera ._. Like to take photo of me when I'm eating

THERE! Look, so much photo of Gladys. So rare :D

19th December 2009

Met Alice at Angmokio for lunch at AMK Hub

Later we went to Bugis street while waiting for Shiting to come over to look for us.

Bought Old chang kee then we went to the MRT staircase to slack for awhile, chatted for awhile until the sky turns dark already we still did not notice :O Went Macdonal to slack after that, then went to arcade for DDR hehe

This is Shiting foundation, Shattered already. Thinks she dropped/hitted on somewhere.

18th December 2009, N-level result out
Today I messaged Kianwee, I promised him that I will pass my maths Hehe Guess what? I did it. So happy hearing his voice in the phone, I can imagine how is his face reaction when he's talking to me in the phone. Ok, stop talking about him. Met Gladys, Janice and who? Forgotten already :X Alice, Gladys, Karen, Shiting and me went to the void deck near the Community centre to slack after that Gladys left and then Karen.

Alice will always be the one who is urgent and needing the toilet so we went to the toilet after slacking under the void deck, anyway I need the ladies too :X

Later we went to the Community centre play ground to slack awhile, and then Alice left us and went home.

Me taking photo of myself hehe

Photo Shiting requested me to take for her.

When Alice went, Shiting and Me sat there and chatted for awhile. Chat until very sad, can see she's going to cry. We went home after that.

12th December 2009
Ok, this day went to a lot of places. I'm lazy to continue writing anymore but I must write!
KK Hospital > Town > Bugis > Raffles city > Tampinies > Home > Bishan > Pasir ris
Actually I'm suppose to meet Shiting at 2pm but she kept delaying, since my grandma is in the hospital why not visit her since I haven't even visit her from the day that she was being admitted. End up meeting her at 6.30pm cause she delay so I delay not my fault ok :X Went to Takashimaya, after we left I look a lot photo of christmas tree. Let me show it to you.

Ferrero Rocher(:

Tree from Paragon

I wanted to take a photo of that deer but that little girl kept posting there and don't wanna even leave that deer ._. No choice had to put her in my picture

Ok, now on our way walking to the place that I wanted to go for a long time but I don't have time.

TADA! I like this tree outside ION Orchard, you know why? Because its allow people to go inside HEHEHE!

Bells outside the tree, ok let's go in right now :D Excited!

Nice purple lightening inside, I like ^^
I set this as my phone wall paper hehe

By right we should be heading to the MRT station right now toward Bugis to meet Alice but we were inside the christmas taking self portrait, I started taking it first then Shiting kept "Tsk" me and saying me wasting time end up she also took photo of her own LOL

After that we are on our way towards the MRT station she wanted to take photo again, waste time right? :X


Ok, I tell you this two picture below you must rotate your head to look at it :X

Finish taking already, headed to take train toward Bugis to meet alice.

Alice was waiting for a long time, later I told her we were late because we are taking photo inside ION Christmas tree LOL

These are the two Christmas tree located at Bugis, I like the Sokee Christmas tree a lot it look very sweet(:

Headed to my favorite stall behind Bugis junction to eat dinner, Chicken rice(:

Saw this washing road machine car while eating

Went Bugis junction arcade to play DDR after eating, Headed to Iluma after playing at the arcade.

Took this while Shiting is smoking, Alice wanted me to censored her face because she said it was ugly. The first photo was my Facebook profile picture I like and the lightening of Iluma is my laptop desktop wallpaper.

This one is the Christmas tree inside Iluma, I know it look a bit ugly :X

Please rotate your head thanks

Ok, 1st storey finish now let's head up

We went to the toilet, Hehe

Kla, It's getting late go we left Iluma going to Bugis junction Macdonals to slack, Both of them kept talking on the phone -.- I nothing to do. Later i suggest to buy alcohol to drink I went to buy Heineken :D

Was afraid that I can't buy pass so I asked them to wait for me opposite then I went in to the convenience store alone, end up I asking an indian man to help me to buy.

We walk, walk and walked. Then we walked from Bugis junction till the war memorial place, Slacked over there. Alice said wanted to ton -.- because there's no more public transport already, walao I want to go home and sleep lor.

At that time I saw super bored, they had people to chat on the phone and message to. But I have none, intended to message Kianwee one but I know I have a boyfriend already so I won't anyhow message another guy.

Look, ants.

Later Baby called me, I felt super happy haha because he haven't message/call me on that day until of course I would be happy when he called me, but Alice spilled my cans of Heineken -.- anyway I don't want it anymore. After that I begged Alice and Shiting to tag along with me to look for Baby if I didn't pay for the cab fare they wouldn't even tag along. Hehe luckily I ton outside and did not go home if not I don't even have the chance to meet Baby. We spend the night over at Alex house, super hot I tell you can die. Maybe because there was too much people already that's why the air-con is not cool. Morning we went home, Shiting came my house to sleep. We woke up around the afternoon, I cooked dishes and Shiting help me to cook rice because I don't know how to. Then my sister washes all the utensils Haha

Nice smoke and bubbles, I like(:

After eating we took bus over to Alice place to wake her up hehe

Photo of Shiting and me taken at Alice house

Went to Junction8 for dinner then I went over to Baby place(:

K! Just some old random picture :D
End of this post, long right? You like it? Haha