I hope to get into ITE

Today went to meet Alice and Gladys at 1pm accompanying Gladys to Bishan ITE to register for her course, good that she get a course for herself not like me cannot get in the course I wanted): Such a failure anyway I appeal already. Then went to buy uniform, hehe I bought one set of uniform and shoes for myself too and took my skirt for alteration when I haven't even know can I get into ITE a not LOL I  cannot wait to go to school.
Later we Cheehon bluff us to Angmokio telling us that they wanna watch movie with us -.- actually Alice and I intended to go to Somerset/DhoubyGhuat to watch the movie "Avatar" but we ended up in Angmokio hub and they didn't even watch the movie with us, after buying shoes Alice sent Gladys to the bus stop. When I was queuing to buy the ticket met one ignorance uncle, very what sia grow until so old still don't know how to queue up want to cut my queue plus be a guy also be until so failure grow until so short and he got a breast lor like a shemale. Keep push me like never touch girl before -.- I "Tsk" and say "Chaocheebye" to him already still don't want move away kept standing beside me, skin thick like a bread but end up he went behind me la cause I was angry and I kept using me bag to hit him LOL.
When Alice and I were waiting for the show to start we have a lot of time so we went to the nearby void deck to slack, later the water fountain was turned on and water started to splash so I went there to took photo, unfortunately my camera was spoil while taking photo because my camera was not a waterproof one.

I got wet after that, and I tripped on a small drain -.-

Later we went to the cinema for our movie, first thing I went was the toilet because the camera LCD is a touch screen and there's a problem with the LCD of course I was angry la so I went to the toilet and use the hand dryer to heat up my phone. Haha LCD problem is fixed, screen can be touches already. Ok went to the cinema to watch my show, the starting part was quite boring but the middle to the ending part was exciting but that movie is quite sad too.

This photo taken in the toilet, testing my camera

After the show we went out to and sat outside AMK Hub christmas tree there and chatted for awhile, took some photo too.

Gingerbreadman HAHA, cute leis I like got the gong face

Grabbed the candy stick just right beside the "Hight voltage" banner, after that I put it back but there's a passerby took it home Lol. Notice some blur photo? Water droplets stuck inside the lens, pekcek!