I think of you,

Today morning cabbed to Macpherson ITE with alice for a Special talk while Alice had an interview there, after the special talk teacher drove me over to Tampinies ITE for an Interview and a Drawing test but I failed my drawing test. Later went over the Shiting house as she said that she wanted to accompany me to eat around her area but she wanted to eat at home, so cab I over to her house. When I reach her house I saw a terrifying doll smudge with make up, done by her younger sister Lol

 After she has finish eating she went to bath and prepare. Waaa wait so long I tell you she bath so slow, I take photo lor :X Today I applied light make-up plus wore a spectacle out because few days ago my eye were red.

Finally she bath finish already! Preparing and using the laptop at the same time, making me wait again.

Later she ask me to take picture together with the doll because I kept playing with it.

Took already, took somemore photo~

HAHAHA! Then I found somemore toys Lol

There's Cinderella mirror

Fireman hat

This cute sticker, I like

Musical box, I like it too

This one her, preparing in progress haha

Outside of the house

Her staircase,

Later we headed over to the Coffee shop behind Eunos MRT station

Chicken cutlet that I ordered, look delicious isn't?

Taken inside Eunos MRT Toilet

Headed to Dhouby Ghaut, first place I went is the arcade hehehe. Played "Technika" it became one of my favorite games in the arcade now. Later I saw a Kuromi and Melody soft toy mirror so cute! Wanted to catch it, but still fail after 5 attempts.

"This machine cheat money one, the hand so loose"

Later went shopping at Plaza singapura, waa bankrupt already I tell you. Later ate Wow tako then we went outside of Plaza singapura to sit there and chat for awhile. Later Alice went to meet her friend, Shiting and I chatted for awhile then went back home too.