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Gotten what I wanted Hahaha

Meet Shiting at ION Orchard then went to get something, the iPod touch HAHAHA! Finally got it with my own money ._. Later meet Nelson, Luke and friends awhile to collect something then headed to Shaw house with Shiting to catch a movie. Before the movie start we ate Kentucky Friend Chicken Hahaha, didn't ate a lot today. She so clumsy actually I wanted to buy 2 pieces meal and upsize the cheese fries for her but she went to buy it her own -.- and the she spilled the Ice milo all over. Before I starts to eat. What we ate After finishing watching the movie already, went to Mc Cafe to sat down. Taken when she went to buy her food. She's back with her food, Oreo Cheesecake She dropped her movie ticket and asked me to pick it up, Zz Tada~ What I gotten for myself Without flash, not nice too dim. Today my fringe is super ugly -.- Shiting's message from Soloman I like this picture hai
Tada~ This is the contact lens I bought not long a go, decided to wear it today because I spoiled my blue lens -.- Everytime spoil one, one month lens would last me around 3weeks and this lens is a 3month lens I think it would last me 2month or lesser? Hope I can use it for 3month, this lens is damn expensive I paid $60 for it. Claim from father he don't want give me money. What the hell?!   The Coolcolor contact lens was sealed tightly in a glass bottle, open until my nail break. No time to cut all so I trim a bit of it, if tomorrow wake up early then I will cut my nails. Not bad actually, eyes won't hurts as much as before after wearing it. Later went to Bishan for my dentist appointment, but it was not today! Shit la I got the wrong date, it was actually next month -.- Ok, later I went to meet alice I damn angry of the hot weather until Janice came. Went to Juntion8 because Janice wanted to look for job, later Gladys came. When Gladys came I asked her to accompany me to buy