KFC Egg Tarts

Today went to Omy blogger event at KFC(Suntec) for food tasting

KFC Egg Tart is here in Singapore from Macau!

You must definitely try it! It follows an authentic recipe developed by the famous Margaret Wong who made Portuguese egg tarts a legend. KFC Singapore is pround to offer these Portuguese egg tarts so that Singaporeans can enjoy the authentic taste of Macau.

Freshly baked KFC Egg Tarts served hot from the oven

This warm and delectable Portuguese snack will definitely sweeten your day. Enjoy a delightful experience when you bite into the egg tart and savour the custard, so smooth, creamy and light. The crispy yet fluffy pastry is simply irresistible.

The egg tarts are baked fresh at KFC restaurant, so you can guarantee of getting steaming hot tarts fresh from the oven instead of the overnight ones. Do be careful when it's hot, it will hurt you somewhere on inside your mouth.

KFC Egg Tart is available at only $1.30 per piece and a box of 6 at $7.50

A perfect gifts to delight families, friends and colleagues especially during this Chinese New Year, you can actually bring a box of egg tarts with orange for house visiting during Chinese New Year.

KFC Egg Tart is avaiable all day at selected KFC restaurant. Please refer to www.kfc.com.sg for full restaurant listings.