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School is (Y)

School is awesome with EC1P hohoho, A-Maths is so hard man! Stress, still have so much things to learn almost everything is related to maths! D: I no longer have the studying spirit any more. Below are so picture taken today during Sport Wellness, we played captains ball.  Below are some photo take few days/week ago,

A day without makeup

Yesterday went out with Jasmine to Bugis, Karen last minute not coming. I went out without makeup for today and of course for the following 48 days more, not really used to it. A lot of people was looking at me then I felt weird, don't dare to face them. Actually meeting Jasmine at 11am end up drag until 2pm (more then that ) because she went back to bed so I roam around bugis street while waiting for her, but my intention of going there is to buy clothing hehehe. So many people looking then I feel like I put down fringe very ugly so I faster pin up my fringe. After she have came we shop for awhile, she said she don't want to buy anything on that day but end up buying a pair of foot wear because she said her shoe doesn't match with what she's wearing. I bought a headband too, very cheap $1 only Hahaha because my those short short fringe keep drop. Then I notice my hair is not as black as the day that I've dye it to black because I didn't use hair colour shampoo