A day without makeup

Yesterday went out with Jasmine to Bugis, Karen last minute not coming. I went out without makeup for today and of course for the following 48 days more, not really used to it. A lot of people was looking at me then I felt weird, don't dare to face them. Actually meeting Jasmine at 11am end up drag until 2pm(more then that) because she went back to bed so I roam around bugis street while waiting for her, but my intention of going there is to buy clothing hehehe. So many people looking then I feel like I put down fringe very ugly so I faster pin up my fringe. After she have came we shop for awhile, she said she don't want to buy anything on that day but end up buying a pair of foot wear because she said her shoe doesn't match with what she's wearing. I bought a headband too, very cheap $1 only Hahaha because my those short short fringe keep drop. Then I notice my hair is not as black as the day that I've dye it to black because I didn't use hair colour shampoo this time, the person who dyed my hair said that if my hair grow out it won't be very black also because my baby hair is brown means I'll be growing brown hair. I want black @#$^&%$#@! Black hair looks healthier you know. Later we went to Iluma for a walk then we went into the toilet. Every time whenever a girl who step into a toilet they will take a long time to come out.

Me, without makeup. Blemish is visible on my forehead D:

Jasmine and Me

After a few shots I let down my fringe, but not very straight already cause I wore a headband and previously I pinned it up.

She's trying to make the poke me effect LOL

Blogger did not auto rotate the photo for me -.-
I think is because my camera didn't sensor it, I'm lazy to rotate it so I'll leave it like this.

Last photo taken in the toilet for that day.

We went to Bugis Junction after that for dinner at Sakae Sushi, there's a lot of people inside and no one is queuing so we went towards there to queue. The staff over there ask us to wait and we waited, later we turn our heads there's a very long queue behind us LOL luckily we came earlier.

This is their new menu, several food are removed from the old menu and new food are added here

and NO MORE MOCHI ICE-CREAM that you people liked :@

Jasmine face while waiting for the food

Guess what, we waited for almost 1 hour for our food to be served! Only our drinks came first and the nothing was served to us for the next few minute.

So we waited...
10 minute, it's ok
20 minute, so long still haven't come -.-
30 minute, is it too much customer already?
40 minute, maybe they're preparing our food
50 minute, they came and told us they make the wrong order for us! They thought we wanted take away so they left the food over at the counter but no one went to redeem it. Wtf?

So we waste our time and wait again for our food to be served to us.

She ordered Coke and Chicken Katsu Curry Don

Her Don took a long time to be served as I reordered, I asked one of the staff whether I can add cheese to the Chicken Katsu a not then she said there's Chicken Katsu Cheese yet the newbie staff said there's no such food -.- he really newbie until make our orders as a take away order. Ok since there's Chicken Katsu Cheese so I'll made a swap with the Chicken Katsu and cancel away the Crab Cheese Maki that've ordered because eat too much cheese I'll feel weird in my tummy. And their service is really bad there, maybe is we're sitting at the corner and cannot be easily noticeable or maybe there's too much customer already. After my Chicken Katsu Cheese come already her Don is still not served, plus they forgotten to gave me my rice.

Green Tea, Chicken Katsu Cheese with Rice, this is my regular dine in at Sakae Sushi

We order this Ice-Cream later, this is a new dessert in their menu. It's the Black Sesame Ice-Cream, like I said previously Black Sesame is good for your hair (:

Went to the arcade and played DDR then went home after that.

And yes tomorrow will be my first day of school in ITE College Central Yishun, hope to make new friends there.
I'm not excited for school tomorrow LOL

Below are some photo I just receive of college and me working during the past few week promoting Singtel MIO TV

Day 2 at Bishan

Day 3 at Bishan

- - - - - -

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