Grandmother Wake

On 5th of April 2010 around 2 am my grandmother passed away and I attended her funeral from 5th until 9th April which is today, today is the day of the crimination and thanks to Daphne and Karen for helping out yesterday especially Karen. There are a lot of things that I'm not allowed to do for these few days and year said by the elderly and I extended it by a few days LOL.

49 Days, until June 2010

  • Not allowed to get a hair cut (thinking of layering my fringe because it's too thick)
  • No cosmetics! (I cannot stand my face without make-up)
  • Cannot wear clothes that's Red, Yellow, Orange in colour (Those bright colours clothing I think including pink?)
  • Cannot go to friends/people house

1 Year, until May 2011

  • No celebrations or attending of parties (Birthday, Christmas, New year etc.)
  • Cannot buy/give present (Including forking out of money)
  • No wishing to people during their birthday (Sorry people)
There might be some more that I've missed out?