Penang Study Tour

Tuesday, 22 June 2010 (Day 1)
Assemble at Tampinies ITE this morning and departed Singapore by coach to Penang, took pictures during the bus journey as I was boring.

With Meishan

Slept in the bus and around 13 hour later, reached Penang and checked into hotel.
Nabilah will be my room mate for this 5 days 4 night in Penang.

Hotel room


Landscape of the view when I looked down

My toiletries bag

Wednesday, 23 June 2010 (Day 2)
Visited Fort Cornwallis, it was the site where Sir Francis Light made his historic landing in 1786. The fort was used as military and administrative base of the British East India Company to protect the island, however no battle has ever taken place at the fort not even during the Japanese invasion during 1940.

Group photo at Fort Cornwallis

Class photo consist 9 of us which were in this tour

Sri Rambai Cannon, this was found in the Straits of Malacca in 1880. Local folklore believed that women who were in fertile would be able to conceive by placing flowers in the cannon barrel as a form of special prayers.

Francis Light, this is the guy whom I talked about just now. This is a statue of him placed at the entrance overlooking the fort.

It has been long since I sat on a swing.

After Fort Cornwallis we visited a Thai Buddhist Temple

Another group photo for today with two teachers

This is "Guan Yin"

"Sleeping buddah" if I'm not wrong

Left the Thai Buddhist Temple to another Temple

Travelled on coach from places to places, we reached the place already and suddenly it rained so I bought an umbrella. Together with Meishan we went up the Temple.

See the highest pagoda? That is where I want to go to, but we only have less than 30 minutes to explore and we rushed up, on our way up there are many stalls build along the road to the Temple and a Tortoise feeding pond too.

Halfway through the Temple

Together with two guys that wanted to explore, we went up together and lost our way as there are many route.

There are a total of 80+ student and 4 of us went all the way to the top, and got ourself drench by the rain. We took some photo and ran down, as we are late and the bus is leaving to another destination soon.

Thursday, 24 June 2010 (Day 3)

Morning view that can be seen outside my hotel room window

Today will be going to an Industrial visit to Dell company.

Over there I learned how the chips were made, and the process of doing it.
After that went to have our lunch at a Thai Restaurant.

He is really good at eating fish, he finish the whole fish by himself.

Continue our visits to Tropical Fruit Farm, it is situated 800ft above sea level on a hilly terrain of Teluk Bahang in Penang. The orchard covers 25 acres and it was developed back in 1993 with few objectives in mind like 1) Conserving rare and exotic truit trees. 2) To educate and promote to the locals / foreigners the gift of their land is blessed with. 3) To play a positive role towards agriculture and eco / agro tourism amid the intensive development in their state rural areas.

The farm is endeavors to use only organic fertilizers, some of them are produce from using fruit waste collected from the farm. Chemicals are only used when necessary.

Heart shaped leaves, taken in the bus on the way up.

This is their toilet, so "OHMYGOD" right?

This is some of their fruit tree, you can see more pictures of it in my Facebook.

Free fruit drinks and fruit were available for us too

Friday, 25 June 2010 (Day 4)
Checked out of the hotel early in the morning at 6am and left Penang to Malacca.

When we reached Malacca we visited Christchurch but did not go in.

The buildings at the surrounding are painted in "Pink" to resemble the places in Portuguese.

These are the stalls around.

I got freaked out by the snake

St. Francis Xavier, notice that is right hand was broken? It was not build broken, he wanted to be a saint in real life and a man said that he have to cut off his right hand to be a saint and other conditions too. He cut it off and it bleeds a lot, one night a tree above his statue falls on it and the villager thought that the whole statue would be broken. After clearing away the tree his statue was still there, the villager were glad but his right hand were gone.

Headed back coach and they brought us to a hotel in Malacca to check in and stay for one night.

Lagacy hotel at Malacca

This is where we have our breakfast tomorrow morning.

They looked so happy, haha

Saturday, 26 June 2010 (Day 5)
Ate breakfast in the morning than checked out of the hotel and went to a village tour.

Morning view of the hotel taken in bus.

Taken at the village

Didn't know this was a duck until someone told me it was, LOL

This is called the Teleport tree

Left the village later to eat buffet before going back to Singapore.

He's mixing the ingredients for the making of Rojak

Heart shaped nuggets

More pictures in Facebook. Links are below, click to view.

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