Gives Me Hope, not Fuck My Life.

It has been long since I posted. Today I ate a lot rubbish and I am still not full yet. My favorite is the "Caffe Latte" is it a korean coffee, has a bit of bitter taste but it's still nice. You guys just have to try it, I bought it at the korean shop at Cineleisure B1. The "Best Fries Forever" is also not bad, the best fries that I have tasted so far. LOL that fries is soft, I like it. And can choose your topping too, same at Cineleisure B1. I personally prefer Frolick than Yami Yogurt :X

Tomorrow gonna work at Suntec again, but this time is at Suntec Convention Centre.

I will be away from 22nd to 26th June for a school trip to Penang and Malacca.
Promise to be back with a lot of pictures!

Always short of cash when holiday comes, I must get my EA watches on July!
And thanks Karen for accompanying me today.