A Sticky Affair

Monday, July 12, 2010
TADA! I guess most of you know what is Sticky right, if you don't know visit Sticky Singapore now. 
Decided to post this as I came across Xiaxue blog, pictures are credited to her because I took them from her blog :X 

I like this the most, the jar look so nice.

From now on I will start to buy sweets from Sticky although I don't really like sweet, but there's a reason behind it ok. Look at the picture below.

It's the Sticky stamp card. I want to collect all the stamp to get a Trucker Cap hehehe ^^V 

You guys must support / help me to get the stamp ok,

Look at the Trucker cap Xiaxue is wearing. I like (Y)
Credits: Xiaxue

Now, a couple of picture of me taken few days ago before heading to work.

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