I look like an Aunty

Hi all, I had a hair cut yesterday and I look like a aunty now! ):

Read on to see my new hair cut, I think it is very short. The last time I had that length of hair is during kindergarten.

After cutting my hair at Heatwave by Moonson at Marina Square, my Sister, Mother and I went to Joaquim for dinner.

The pretty dessert that I took hehe

Sister and Mom

And the Aunty looking me

Tiramisu, one of my favorite

And today at school had the YOG event, had performance and the torch thingy.

Thanks Arron Quek for helping me to do my Maths test while I don't know how to do and I'm sleeping, hope you read this if not no thank-you for you.

Meishan and I

Nisa, Meishan, Nabilah and I

A lot of traffic police!

Driving off...

A man bringing the flame in

Putting down the flame

Torch being light up


Torch being passed down to a student

He ran with the torch

Ran off with the torch

A lot of people crowding over there

Ok, time to go home.

Tomorrow will be last day of school and we will be having our YOG Holiday until 29th August 2010