Shut It Down

Yesterday went Kbox with Karen hehehe, but my voice like getting worst, singing getting lousier ):
We started singing around 6.30pm and suppose to end at 9pm but we continue singing until 10pm+ and one of the staff came in and said we are suppose to end at 9pm then just nice I'm answering a phone call saying no then the staff thought I was talking to her and she walked off angrily and stop all our songs LOL

Look at this Burberry Flip-Flop, damn nice right? Didn't know Burberry have Flip-Flop I want to get one, but don't know Singapore have it at a not and in my size :/ Shall check out the stores one of these days when I'm free.

Look at these YOG Bus, I saw it at my house downstairs this noon. I was sleeping then I heard the song "Shut It Down" playing very loudly so I open the window and take a look and I saw these buses so I faster wake up and grab my camera to take a picture of it hehe. I wonder why is there so much people on the over head bridge :/

Okay I'm going to bath already soon got to go to work later.