Mid Autumn Festival

Thursday, September 23, 2010
Yesterday is Mid Autumn Festival, went Goldenmile with Mom and then later Karen came over to find us. After awhile Karen and me headed to Bugis street and then we went over to Boat Quay. By right we are going to Clark Quay to see the fire works but Boat Quay also can see, since I want to Sheesha so we went over to Sahara bar.

We started Sheesha-ing while waiting for the fireworks.
BUT There was no avail, 7.30pm has passed already but still no fireworks.

After awhile Karen friend came.

I smelled a Caucasian guy eating something that smell nice so I went to order what he had orders.
A few piece of meat cost $15++ Wtf?

Okay, pictures time!

This was taken in the bus, the China lady beside me is so rude -.-

Karen, on the phone with her friend.

And me on the phone with Alice

Karen and Me

After this photo I played with the Night mode function

That is so cool ^^V

Later Jiamin and a Guy arrive.
Followed by Alice.

This girl came so late making us has no transport home and she went to find her friend!

Jiamin and I



Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hello readers! If you have notice I've registered an Domain ID under google for blogger few days ago. My blog link will be changed from xiangtingk.blogspot.com to xiangtingk.com nothing much actually, just removing the "blogspot".

I created a Tumblr account recently for short post like:
  • Text
  • Photo
  • Quote
  • Link
  • Chat
  • Audio
  • Video
Take a look here: xiangtingk.tumblr.com
It's amazing, you can ask me anything too.
Relevant and not too personal question.

Yay! Karen will start working with me this Friday at Loof, I'm looking forward to that day.

Tomorrow is Mid-Autumn Festival, how are you people going to celebrate it?
Around noon I will be going over to my mom friends massage shop with my mom, then will be heading over to Goldenmile. It has been long since I been there hehehe. Afternoon will be meeting some friends over at Clark quay for fireworks. ^^v Might update pictures tomorrow, stay tune.

Will be going to Bangkok during December! Haha, hope to go back to ChiangRai next year if possible.

What's in my mind

Monday, September 13, 2010
Had got this big ulcer in my mouth again cause by the wire from my braces ):
Dentist appointment on Wednesday, shall get the Glow-in-the-dark colour!

Having exam on Tuesday(tomorrow) and Wednesday, yet I don't even know a single thing. I think I will fail my module, if I fail I have three choice.
  1. Continue studying and complete this 2 year course
  2. Waste my time staying in school and apply another course for 2011 intake
  3. Quit school to work and apply for another course during 2011 intake 
The course that I really wanted is Beauty Therapy! I can't get in on this year 2010 intake because my attendance for secondary school is not enough ):

If I really really can't get into Beauty Therapy course in ITE by 2012 I'm going to study at Cosmoprof academy to get a Beauty Therapist Diploma(Face and Body) certificate. Because my dream is to be a Beautician. It cost $8k for that 1 year course so I must start saving money from now on so that I can study in that academy and get the certificate that I want. $8k sounds like a big sum to me but I will do my best to get it.

I will spend money wisely. I will try to save money. I will work hard to earn money for schooling!

I've regretted many things in my life, if time could rewind I will want to go back to the me in Secondary 3 and I would learn to treat people better. The two person I will treat them better will be Mingyi and my Grandmother. My grandmother treated me the best, even better then parents. When I was small she was the one who watched me grow and took care of me while my parents was busy working but what I do when I grew older was to scold her and would beat her and don't like her to look at me. Now she don't even have the chance to look at me, today during 4am+ I can feel her around me and looking at me. Mingyi is a guy who treated me very good like no other guys will, I regretted pushing him away from the start because he's just a anonymous guy who get my number from nowhere. After days has passes my feeling started to develop for him, I still remember he took MRT from purple line to red line which is like damn far and I took a straight bus to school while he travelled from Serangoon to Bishan and then to Yishun when he got a straight bus to Yishun, I guess he just wanted to accompany me. There was once I hoped that he would get back with his ex-girlfriend. Now they got back together, hope they are happy together and will last long I can sense that she really love him a lot.

I wonder do you still think of me like how I think of you always...

Below is a news article I found from Facebook, do spend time reading it and I promise it will not waste your time.

Need a hair cut but don't know which salon to go to?
Come and look for me at City Square Mall this Saturday or Sunday from 12 noon to 6 pm and I will bring you to the salon.
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