Kusu Island

Today went to Kusu Island to pray with Sister, Mom, her friends and their child. We took a boat from Marina South Pier to Kusu Island, it is only open one month for every year. I'm so tired this morning as I did not sleep because I just finish work in the morning, I tried to sleep but can't anyway it is only just 1 hour of sleep so I trim my eyebrow because I got nothing to do, and then I look so weird then I feel scare so I stop trimming it already. But now I think it is not bad still.

Let me give you some knowledge if you don't know about Kusi Island yet.
Kusu Island is one of the Southern Islands in Singapore, located about 5.6 kilometres to the south of the main island of Singapore
So Kusu means Tortoise or Turtle. Located on Kusu island is the popular Chinese temple builted in 1923 bya whealthy business man, the temoke house two main deities are the "Dua Pek Gong" and The Goddess of Mercy (Guan Yin). The former is highly regarded as having the power to confer prosperity, cure diseases, calm the sea and avert danger, while Guan Yin is known as the 'giver of sons'.
At the top of the rugged hillock on Kusu Island stands three kramats (or holy shrines of Malay saints) to commemorate a pious man, his mother and sister who lived in the 19th century. Many devotees will climb the 152 steps leading to the kramats to pray for wealth, good marriage, good health and harmony.
Okla, actually I'm not that clever. I took these information from the wikipedia haha, you can view it here.

This is the Restaurant, Cafe and Function ferry .

This is the boat to Kusu Island, there are 3 kinds of boat available that pick passenger up randomly.

The road to the board boat, quite shaky.

Look! So much people are queueing to go to Kusu Island

This is Mom and Sister, during the ride the boat was quite shaky because of the waves. People heart are like dropping out.

Reaching soon!

Ok, actually this was the picture that the people were boarding the boat to leave Kusu Island but I put this picture because there was a "Welcome To Kusu Island" sign. 

This is a wishing well where people make wishes, many believe that if the coin they threw hit the bell means that their wish will come true.

She said she hit 3 of the bells

The tortoise over here are also meant to be threw with coins, the coin must land on the shell of the tortoise but I'm not sure what is the purpose of doing it. Maybe it brings you good luck or what.

She is playing cheat!

Many people went to touch the tortoise statues, I'm not sure what is the meaning of it either but I think it is good for one self who touches it just like how people touch the Buddha near Fu Lu Shou Complex.

The tortoise that is meant to be threw coins on their shell.

I never notice this bell until I finish using up my coins.

Ya, and of course I touches the tortoise statue too but there is not one around to take a photo of my at first until I saw my Sister.

She say that I am very far apart from the tortoise so that I wanted to climb up and move closer, later one uncle came and ask me don't climb because of my footwear it is very dangerous for me to climb.

But I still manage to take a picture closer with the tortoise.

She just don't want to take a picture with the tortoise because she thinks that it is stupid to touch it and I keep forcing her.

Later we went up the so called "hill" to pray, it was a malay god. Something like that. My dad say that it was very "ling" one what ever you wish there will come true. 

This is the place after I've climb 152 steps of stairs, yellow every where. People will write what they wish for I saw one funny thing that I think it was a kid who wrote that, it was written "I wish I can play maple everyday." and another one is "I want my dad to come to Singapore then we can....." but most of the people wrote 4-digits number. My mom wrote one but she did not buy the number and it actually came out this afternoon. I bought a $10 big on my first try and did not win any.

After praying people can give them to chant on you for good luck, the people who went for the chanting will receive a yellow ribbon. Before leaving it must be tied up to the tree.

Outside the beach.

Was being forced by mom to do this pose!

On my way to eat!

There is a food court there and I drank 2 of these fresh coconut, not really sweet and they're not chilled.

I saw this weird plant, growing on top of the tree.

My mom said that her this photo very "Action" haha.

The tree is full of red ants!

There are people fishing, picnic and people who go there for kite flying and much more activities are seen there too.

Look what the uncle caught, what a beautiful fish.

This is so random, I took this while it was drizzling and we where breeze walking to a shelter.

The tortoise shelter!

I actually went down to take some picture of the tortoise.

Ok, another wishing pond seen near the tortoise shelter.

It's time to leave the island.

End, and I remove my braces already!

Left: This is the photo of me when I was in Secondary 1
Right: Ok I have no ideal what am I doing on the picture on the right because I just saw this photo on my mom's phone so I grabbed it and put it here. I know it is ugly, at least I dare to show. This photo is when I just had my braces for like 3 or 4 months? Can't recall.

I had my braces on November 2008 which is Secondary 3 and after 1 year 11 month I had it remove.

The night before I remove my braces.

Much different, isn't it?

Ok byebye!