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Such a mess!

It is 2pm, I just woke up and I'm going to clean this mess now!!!
(Just to keep me awake)

I found this dog haha, have no ideal when and did I bought it.
But it is cute :3

I removed its clothes and I saw something I sew for him when I was younger, I think I should sew something new for it during my free time. 

This is a photo of Daphne and Me, I'm the on in black if you didn't know. It was 2007 back then, I still haven't had my braces on. I remember that time I was at Gladys chalet and Daphne came then both of us went to Whitesand Mall and took some neoprints haha. I think this hair of mine look nice on me, don't you think so? Give some comment ok, I know there are readers but there's any comment ): I don't care I know you a not, whether good or bad I still want comment.

Shiting and I, this was taken at Junction 8 when there's still a neoprint shop. That time Shiting came back to Singapore from Thailand for a period and we took this.

It has been a long time since I took neoprint already, how many years already?!?!!?

Made this during Design and Technology class when I was in Secondary school.
Gonna throw them away, it is taking up spaces of mine. Spend a hard time filing them to make it so smooth.

Found these two badge, I was in Girls Brigade during Secondary school times and Brownies when I was in Primary school. In Brownies they taught me something that I cannot forget which is to Think of others before yourself. It somehow spoil my life. 

So much books, mostly from Reader's Digest.
Do you think I read them? My answer is no. But I will start reading the "Looking after your body" when I have time.

Look at this small thing, very cute in size and packed like a cigarette.

This was actually a mini lollipop, I gave it to my mom.

These are my extra Mcdonal's Monopoly stickers, gonna throw them away.

Found this three thing, I don't even play a guitar. Why do I have it? I only remember playing it during Secondary school when there is a instructor coming to teach us during Music lesson but no one bothers about it. Gonna throw it away also.

9.15pm, Finally done D: So clean right? Threw away a lot of bag and also kept all of my toys haha!
Gonna bath already, want to watch 10pm show at Channel U , Xia Yi Zhan Xin Fu. Ahh, not enough time for me, got only 10 minute for me to bath before the show start! I've already finish watching it already but I still want to watch it again. Even by watching it the 2nd time I still can cry.

Still left with these, it's late already I need to bath so I shall pack it next time.
Or maybe you can say that I'm lazy ;)

Let's compare, the Before and After

Ok, gonna sleep early still got to work tomorrow.
It's like finally, I didn't not have a chance to go out on Friday night for 5 months already because Friday and Saturday is compulsory for me to work. But this time, I don't know what is wrong with the schedule, only get to work on the Thursday and Sunday only but it is ok I need some rest too.


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