Below are some photo taken few days ago at work place and home. You want you can click on the photo to enlarge it, can zoom until you see my pimple, mustache, baby hair and a lot more LOL.

After work with Ruth!

This is a bad hair day for me, wasted a lot of polaroid film too!

You can say that this two photo above don't look like me because I'm using a camera effect called beauty shot. I admit that it somehow don't look like me.

Surprise below HAHAHA, this is what many of you dislike me doing.


Why? Because I'm already blur looking enough and I still cut bangs, and it make me more blur.

Okla, It was actually a last minute decision because I have time on that day and my long fringe is irritating so I went to have a hair cut. It's good to have bangs you know, save time. No need to comb and dry my hair together, and no need to use hair straightener it save me like 1 hour you know! Went home and trim a bit by myself, can't really see the difference when hair is let down, but when tied up you can see the difference. The hair stylist said she already cut very short for me liao, if cut some more really very short already LOL it is above me eyebrow now. Currently waiting for it to grow.

I know I look ugly in bangs, the more ugly the more I want to cut so that I know the problem and can make changes to look better in it.

Ashley with Me, after work. And that finger of Karen.

Hehe, byebye! Going off to work now.
Hope my fringe will look better day by day.
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