Enjoyed my day.

Yesterday went kbox twice, afternoon 4pm to 7pm and aftermidnight 2am to 6am.
In the afternoon after kbox went to eat at Somerset313 together with Karen.

This was taken in the toilet after eating, actually wanted to decorate cake at the icing room and eat but they have close already. Luckily there's still a shop that is open so we went in to take a look and bought a black dress. Went to Loof after that to wait for Ruth to knock off.

Karen has gone crazy HAHAHA!

Me also! Love the green effect on the photo.

Later went to Kbox with Edwin, Jazreel, Junjie, Karen, and Ruth

After kbox we went to have breakfast, and I got chocked by a stupid long vegetable it was halfway dangling inside my throat and half on my tongue trying to get it out making me nausea. Went home after that, slept around 8am plus and wake up at 3pm to prepare to work. NOW! I cannot sleep, I'm so bored ): Cooked instant noodle and eat as I cannot fall asleep as well as coming here to blog ^^ Gonna brush my teeth, apply face product and sleep soon. Ciaos~