My future spouse

I'm going to post pictures of me first before I start with my future spouse hehe, excited?

I like this small thing, look very cute. Saw this at Resort world outside Candylicious shop.
But it's original look is not like this! When it stands it became very tall, not cute at all. When I say that I want to take a photo with it, he immediately stood up, I feeling was -___- that time because so tall, not cute at all! I first I still thought this thing why so short and cute the hand can move one, I was thinking there is a tiny person inside after it stood up I felt disappointed for that moment. I asked it to squat so that I can take a picture with it.

Fortune Rabbit.

Ok, now it is the time for my future spouse! 

My future spouse has a peaceful face with rounded features. Whoever sees him will get the impression of warmth. His face is oval shaped. The eyes, nose and mouth are well arranged even though he doesn't have pretty features for each. Everyone say he is a good looking man. His lips are thick for his eyes and nose. Those sexy lips that are tightly closed and don't know what words to say make him mysterious.

My future spouse:
  • Very active and interested in many sports or traveling.
  • Also he is very interested in doing something new and he shows drastic decisions and acts.
  • He knows how to lead people and he is so aggressive to take the leader position in any meeting.
  • However he does not know how to act polite and he is easy to exaggerate himself so he could be regarded as a bluffer. It is not on purpose but is caused from his natural feature so he would better control himself a little.

2011 February.
For now, someone I already known in person in my school or job could become my lover.
Will have more opportunities to meet someone in a trip or gathering in July, my friends could introduce someone to me on October.(Hopefully it doesn't affect me on my February love) On November I need to use my effort positively.

I could find a new lover on March, May, July and November in 2012
March 2012: In an unexpected situation.
May 2012: Could meet a love through a trip or event.
July 2012: A chace would be happen in routine places like my school or work place.
November 2012: It would be better to attend in a blind meeting or register on a Matchmaking Company.(I don't want this to be trueeee!)

Thereafter, March and August in 2011, September in 2012, November in 2013 are lucky months.
March 2011: I could meet someone in my routine place like my school or work place.
August 2011: I would be in a complicated relation.(I don't want!!! But can't help.)
September 2012: I could meet one of those I had known.
November 2013: There is another opportunities.(Maybe my love on 2011 and 2012 is gone already and I still cannot move on, during November I moved on.)

I'm a person who are enjoying challenge and also passionate. I might often get a crush on someone at first sight anywhere such as at work, club or school. I'm kind of hot tempered so that I would be quickly in love as I have fallen out of love with him as well.(True so true, I'm hot tempered just that you guys might not see that side of mine yet.) I always seek perfection in everything.(Yes true also, I know that I'm kind of demanding) That's why I tend to give up on my previous love and look for another love when I find out about my partner's weakness.(It's also a bad thing to seek for perfection in everything)

My future spouse is the impulsive type and rush into things. When he has a crush on someone, he stop at nothing to make it. Due to deep caring at the very first moment, my fate would get attentions from people. When he tries to get closed to me, my fate make it quite fast at the beginning, but then my fate consider it very seriously. When dating with me, he considers various conditions like financial, appearance, home environment and so on. If he thinks that kind of things doesn't meet his wishes, he gives up well.(So afraid that I might not meet his wishes, I don't want to lose anything!) My fate is kind of independent and has artistic eye and the taste. He is picky for appearance and style so I need to take care of it.

Want to know how I know all these?
I bought an application that will analyze my future spouse and let me know more about myself, don't know is it real but I choose to believe it. I also believe that my love life will be very complicated, this is what is says when I draw a lot from thailand. Life is like this you have to accept whatever thing that happen to you and face it bravely, no point being in an agony because of it.